At Racer Boxes, we know there are a number of reasons for buying wholesale boxes, aside from the obvious retail and shipping purposes. For example, you might be moving the contents of a very large house, a whole office might be changing locations, or even a business might suddenly need to relocate a lot inventory for any number of reasons.

The bottom line is that sometimes you need a whole lot of boxes. On top of that, you might need a whole lot of a specific kind of box, whether it is for shipping, storage, moving, produce, garments, or gifts!

Racer Boxes has you covered when it comes to all your boxing needs, regardless of the sizes and quantities involved. Big or small, we have it all. As a Vancouver-based box manufacturer, our facilities produce the highest quality corrugated boxes—and we  offer high-definition printing services in-house. There are many pre-made sizes to choose from, but we can also create custom boxes of various sizes, depths, and strengths.

As a company that’s highly attuned to our customer’s needs, we’re proud to offer wholesale boxes and weekly delivery. Whether you’re buying a single bundle or a pallet, we offer competitive prices on all quantities.

Racer Boxes also carries a full range of shipping supplies such as packaging tape (specialty printed or regular), shrink wrap, labels, packing list envelopes, strapping & banding supplies and more. Don’t forget, free delivery is available for anyone who orders $600 worth of product.

Contact us at (604) 270-8205 for more information on wholesale boxing supplies and all your packaging needs.

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