Flexible Box Delivery Saves the Day (and Space!)

Fact. There are businesses that run through a lot of boxes. To take advantage of bulk prices from either overseas or Vancouver box manufacturers, they typically have to sacrifice floor space or invest in storage.  In cities where space runs at a premium, this can be a serious problem. However, as a Vancouver-based box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes has a come up with an innovative solution— flexible box delivery.

Figuring out the space solution can be a serious Catch-22 for box-reliant business owners. Is it more prudent to order small batches that cost more, or do you sacrifice the space you can’t afford to lose and stock up to save money? Sometimes, crunching the numbers is the only way to arrive at the answer.

Buying in bulk certainly isn’t cheaper if it means paying storage fees.  This was the conundrum for Paolo’s Perogies, who suddenly found themselves pressed for space when a new pasta machine arrived. Predictably, the only available space in their warehouse factory was occupied by pallets filled with boxes.

Racer Boxes to the Rescue

Moving the boxes off-site would eat up any savings on bulk box purchases (and then some). Instead, Racer Boxes came up with an innovative solution. By arranging for weekly deliveries, the team at Paolo’s Perogies could still enjoy considerable savings without sacrificing so much floor space. This meant there was now enough room for their brand-new pasta maker.

When it comes to business needs, it’s important to weight both costs and objectives. Cheaper isn’t always better—and in some cases it might not even be cheaper! For small businesses with big box needs, Racer Boxes offers scheduled small deliveries. In other words, you get space, savings, and convenience in one neatly wrapped box.

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