In an age of low emissions, green energy, and reduced waste, packaging can seem like an egregious faux pas. However, it’s important to be practical and look to the big picture when it comes to environmental awareness. For example, corrugated cardboard box manufacturing is far more environmentally responsible than most people realize.

This is important for environmentally savvy business owners looking for delivery options and solutions. If going green is important to you, consider going brown. We’ve got all the reasons box manufacturing works right here.

1: Cardboard is made from renewable materials

Corrugated cardboard is mostly made of pine or birch pulp, which are fast growing and hardy trees compared to hardwoods. In other words, much of the raw material can be sustainably harvested from well-managed forests. On top of that, cardboard is also recycled and recyclable.

2: Low waste

As mentioned above, corrugated cardboard boxes are extensively recycled. This means fewer trees are required to produce it. Even better, the recyclable nature of cardboard means less energy and resources go into harvesting and processing. Most boxes these days are comprised of between 70% and 90% recycled material. This makes corrugated packaging one of the greenest solutions around—and when they reach their end-of-life usefulness, cardboard boxes are fully biodegradable.

3: It’s reusable

Most corrugated cardboard boxes are easily reusable. Strip off the old tape and labels and they can probably be used again. This doesn’t just benefit consumers, but also cost-conscious companies that actively reuse boxes within their own businesses. Every box that’s reused or repurposed means one less to buy, and in a small business those savings can add up fast.

4: Cardboard is energy-efficient to create

Since so much of it is recycled, not much is spent acquiring fresh materials. This also means reducing the waste and costs of transportation. When it comes to using cardboard, there’s a positive ripple effect that affects the whole box making process, from manufacturing to end-of-life disposal.

For companies that need to offer delivery while still following green practices, cardboard is an excellent option. Racer Boxes in Vancouver specializes in box manufacturing and printing for a wide variety of businesses and purposes. Companies can even request custom sizes to save on courier costs and box printing is available for those who want to emphasize brand recognition.

As a Vancouver-based box manufacturer, Racer Boxes can assist businesses with all their box needs. Contact us at (604) 270–8205 or

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