The team at Racer Boxes in Vancouver knows that companies are always looking for cost-saving ideas to help grow both the bottom line and the business itself. But the sledgehammer of large cuts needn’t be used when the scalpel of smaller cost-saving measures can accomplish the same job. Below are easy some cost-saving tips that can be applied to any business that will help save money:

1) Assess the Business. This is the first step consultants take when tackling a problem, so managers should be doing the same. Take stock of the big picture, make objective assessments of each aspect of the business. This will provide a framework to form a strategy around.

2) Prioritize the ROI. A company’s Return on Investment should always be considered a priority. Production of product alone isn’t the only factor to look at here. For example, is the cost of packaging and shipping cutting into the business’s profits? Is there room for improvement?

3) Work Smarter. By consolidating repetitive or redundant processes, a business can cut down on costs. But this isn’t just a matter of technology and automation, it can come through streamlining certain things normally taken for granted, like taking on only as many shipping boxes as needed at a time to reduce the need for extra costly storage space. Sometimes a bulk savings is offset by the cost of storage.

4) Reconsider Old Ideas. Sometimes looking forward can mean looking back. Times change, and an old cost-savings idea that wasn’t practical before might be practical now. Or it might spur thought in a new direction that was never considered before.

5) Negotiate with Suppliers and Freight Carriers. Establishing a long-term relationship with suppliers and freight companies gives a business room to negotiate a better rate. Don’t just accept the standard offer if they know they will be working with your business for a long time.

As a wholesale box manufacturing company in Vancouver, Racer Boxes is pleased to be a box supplier to businesses across the lower mainland. With flexible delivery options and low, mid to high volume requirements, they offer  businesses affordable pricing on durable Canadian-made boxes. To learn more, contact Racer Boxes today at (604) 270–8205 or

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