As a cardboard box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes already knows that cardboard is everywhere. As a material that’s light, strong, versatile, and recyclable, it’s become ubiquitous in the shipping industry. And the secret behind cardboard’s success is its construction.

Corrugated cardboard is made of three perfectly ordinary sheets of Kraft paper. However, the middle layer is rippled back and forth, giving cardboard the distinctive ridges visible in a cross-section. Held together by a glue made of cornstarch, this seemingly ordinary construction results in a material of surprising strength, especially considering the airy weightlessness.

Those ridges in the cross-section perform a function similar to a steel I-beam—they reinforce the structure of the box while keeping it light. As a result, corrugated cardboard is not only inexpensive, it’s light and robust, which is incredibly desirable since shipping charges are often determined by weight.

Cardboard holds a lot of air. The craft paper is easy to recycle, and it is durable without being rigid, which provides a bur of padding for any contents travelling inside. In fact, cardboard’s only major drawback is a susceptibility to weather, which can be sidestepped if it’s carefully stored and transported.

Because of all its advantages,  corrugated cardboard continues to dominate the shipping industry all over the world. Tens of millions of tons of cardboard are used in North America every year alone. And Racer Boxes manufactures quality cardboard shipping boxes for all types of products and industries in BC, including produce boxes for the agricultural industry, garment boxes for clothing manufacturers, and many others.

Racer Boxes offers low, mid to high volume deliveries while maintaining affordable pricing and superior quality. To learn more about having shipping boxes delivered directly to a business, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270-8205 or email

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