As Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes, understands there is significant concern around wastage when it comes to creating boxes. As an international company, Amazon has often been criticized for the practice of shipping small items in huge boxes. However, the retail titan recently announced some good news. They’re taking steps to end wasteful practices.

Currently, Amazon relies on packing software called CubiScan, which weighs and scans products before selecting one of 17 different package sizes. But often there is no suitable size. And so, a larger than necessary box is often selected.

Amazon’s plan involves using a new automated box-making and fitting service called Box on Demand, which is meant to reduce unnecessary space and wastage. However, it could be another year before customers notice any change in their deliveries.

Part of the problem is the lack of variety in standard box sizes. Products need to be packaged in slightly larger boxes, which provide enough room for cushioning to prevent damage. The hope is the new Box on Demand software will result in more intelligent order fulfilment and lower delivery costs—a pressing concern businesses, whatever the size.

Companies such as UPS charge based on a combination of size and weight. So, using sensibly-sized packages is always the best option. That’s one of the reason Racer Boxes is pleased to manufacture custom box sizes for businesses whose products that aren’t quite suited to standard box.

Investing in a box that’s specifically suited to your products can save a fortune in shipping. And it’s a strategy that’s already benefited many of our customers. Additionally, custom box printing is available for clients who want to maximize brand exposure and create a beautiful, personalized experience for clients.

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