As a box company in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes is aware that the rise of E-commerce has left some worried about the potential effects on the planet. With prevalence Amazon and subscription box services, it seems like we should all be up to our ears in cardboard boxes. But curiously, long-term data suggests that cardboard consumption actually hasn’t increased at all.

It seems counterintuitive. E-commerce is big. Over the last twenty years, it’s ballooned into a $300 billion business. Almost anything can be purchased on a whim, and arrive at the front door within days.

Of course, all of this requires packaging. Boxing is usually part of the packaging as well as the shipping container. However, as wasteful as it feels, data reveals that there’s hasn’t been any increase in cardboard consumption. In fact, it’s decreased slightly since 1995.

How is this possible? One answer is that manufacturers have been improving packaging techniques to reduce the cost of shipping products in bulk. An increased use of plastic shrink wrap for shipping large amounts of goods on bulk pallets, for example. Another theory is that there’s imply been a shift in where the cardboard is used.

For example, One group estimates that half of all cardboard boxes are used for food, beverage and agricultural producers. And their numbers when it comes to cardboard use hasn’t changed. It might also be that the more people buy online, meaning fewer goods need to be shipped to stores in the first place.

While this can be taken as a positive sign, it still pays to be mindful of boxing and shipping practices. Racer Boxes offers custom box sizes, which can help minimize environmental impact. Plus, their in-shop printing capabilities mean they can help create a beautiful, personalized experience for clients.

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