How to Get Creative Bakery Boxes at Wholesale Prices

Do you have a passion for baking or own a bakery? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you probably would have experienced the search for creative boxes for your baked goods. Here are some great tips to find creative bakery boxes at wholesale prices:

Pick the Right Size

You probably don’t want those cupcakes to bump against one another and ruin the frosting, nor would you want to over pack and squish them. In order to avoid such circumstances, you need to pick the right sized bakery box.

Make sure that it is tall enough to accommodate the items you’re going to put in them, without the lid touching the food and smudging it all over the place. The box should also be wide enough to hold the desired number of baked items.

Die Cut Bakery Boxes Wholesale Richmond and VancouverGo For the Flaps

Your customers may need to re-pack the box after consuming some of your delicious donuts. To make it easy for them to store the food in the box for a longer time, feel free to choose boxes with folding flaps. The flap-lid can be easily secured back in place, making the box simple to store in the refrigerator. What’s more, even if the box falls, there is a great chance that the items will not spill on the floor. Racer Boxes has corrugated boxes that provide their contents with added safety in order to avoid breakages during such accidents.

Custom Printing Does the Trick

Like any business, your bakery needs to have its own brand identity to generate customer recall. Good news! With Racer Boxes’ high quality custom printing, you can brand your bakery boxes with your brand logo and slogan. Having images on the box would not only make it interesting, but would also help create a positive brand image for your bakery.

How To Order Your Wholesale Baker Boxes

To order your boxes from Racer Boxes in the Greater Vancouver Area, get in touch with us online or give us a call at 604-270–8205!

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