To grow and harvest fruits and vegetables, demand a lot of effort, time, and investment, and producers want to ensure that they receive a fair return for their harvesting. An essential piece of produce negotiation is the shipping and safety of products, and to ensure that the food packaging is paramount.

Produce boxes offer the optimal protection for shipping, ensuring safe transportation, and attractive presentation of your product to the final customers. Racer Boxes, a box manufacturer and packaging supplier in Vancouver, is well prepared to help your business to get your produce safe and sound at the final destination.

Our produce boxes can be stackable and are designed to ensure the right airflow inside the boxes while keep the fruits and vegetables protected. Inadequate ventilation of produce can cause carbon dioxide accumulation, reducing your produce life considerably. Besides, our boxes are made from robust corrugated cardboard providing even more protection when shipping.

Our variety of produce boxes for fruits and vegetables ensure your business finds the proper model for your specific product. They are durable and prevent your produce from bruising due to impact during transportation.

Contact Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to find the best produce packaging for your next order and ensure your fresh harvesting quality.

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