The year of 2020 was unlike anything the food service and delivery sector has experienced in recent years. If the delivery of ready-to-eat meals, direct from restaurants, had been growing in recent years, in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this trend has intensified. And more: supermarkets, flower shops, pet supply stores, pharmacies and other companies that were not used to selling online, are now selling. This is a behavior that is here to stay, as many people have already incorporated this habit into their daily lives. Thus, the scenario for 2021 has been outlined, with the following trends:

Big tech companies thinking about delivery

According to a survey by the Israeli logistics company Bringg, we will increasingly see delivery tools incorporated into search engines and maps. Soon, restaurants, grocery stores and other companies will have their ordering system unified and will be able to receive orders via apps, Google, Google Maps, Uber Eats and others, all together. This is a feature that Google launched in 2019, but its use is expected to grow and solidify in the coming years.

Groceries delivery

Online grocery shopping has also intensified and should continue on this path for years to come. In the United States, according to a survey released by Business Insider, the percentage of Americans who had made any online purchase in a grocery store in 2019 was 24% – that number reached 51% at the end of 2020.

Because of this, chains should also start opening dark supermarkets, which would work in the same way as dark kitchens (establishments that only deliver meals via apps, without a physical place to eat). Dark supermarkets would be places designed to optimize delivery to customers who buy online and also for the “buy online, pickup in store” system.

Purchase subscriptions

Another trend that has been growing is the subscription of products that consumers buy on regular frequencies. Such as medicines, pet supplies, beverages, frozen meals and others. Basically, they are subscriptions in which the customer pays a monthly amount to always receive the same product, of the same brand and in the same quantity, monthly or weekly at home.

Local shopping

If a few years ago consumers bought online to get a product that was only available in another state or even country, today that scenario has changed. More and more consumers buy from your local bakery, pharmacy, bookstore or grocery store, the ones that are close to their home, and ask for delivery to save time.

All of this only sums up what we said at the beginning of this article: online shopping has definitely entered the lives of consumers and delivery is no longer just for ready-made restaurants or the Saturday night pizza. So if your company could be selling online and delivering your product to customers but you still don’t – rethink your sales strategy to include this model.

And in addition to just selling and sending a product to the customer’s home, you need to think about how that product will get there. That is, it must be accommodated in a suitable packaging so that the integrity of the product is maintained. If you intend to start making deliveries or want to optimize your existing service in the Vancouver area, contact us for a personalized box quote.

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