It’s the start of a New Year. The time of year everyone wants to look and feel better. And that means people are out scouting for new health, beauty, or personal care products. And all these things require boxing. If your company provides any of these products, take a moment to consider the packaging.

Packaging should always be consistent with your branding design. It might be modern and glitzy or simple and natural, but should always reflect your company—as well as the products inside!

Of course, printing is a big part of this process. Litho labels, for example, is when a design is printed on high-quality litho paper and then laminated to a corrugated board. And while this option provides lovely, vivid colours, it also tends to be more expensive than Custom Box Printing, where the simple designs and messaging are printed directly onto the cardboard itself.

Another consideration is the internal contents. How do you pack your products safely? Many personal care, beauty, and health products come in kits or assortments, meaning internal presentation is going to be a factor. Nobody wants to open a package that’s all a jumble. More importantly, it’s quite possible that something could break, resulting in returns and lost profits.

A simple fix for this is using fillers such as shredded paper or packing peanuts. However, a neater, more tidy solution might be a low-cost insert that will keep your products perfectly in place. These inserts can even be personalized to match the look of your box. So it pays to think about the overall opening experience you want to deliver to your customers.

As a professional box manufacturer, Racer Boxes can help you create beautiful, effective Vancouver E-Commerce Boxes  for your business (and clients). To learn more about creating packaging for beauty, health or personal care products, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270-8205.

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