When we talk about market trends, if you are an entrepreneur, the more you know, the better. After all, being on top of changes in consumer behavior can be essential to guide your brand on a successful path. Therefore, today we will talk a little more about trends that we should see strengthening in the next decade when it comes to packaging and cardboard boxes.

We have already publieshed a text around here with this theme, and today we will talk about some more trends. As we always point out here, online commerce is on the rise and we shouldn’t see a slowdown in the coming years. That is, if your company sells products over the internet (or would like to sell), keep reading to better understand what’s coming.

More About Packaging Trends

Before getting to the point, it is worth remembering that we are talking here about trends specifically aimed at the food and beverage segment. And if you want to better understand what consumers expect from the packages they receive when they make an online purchase, here you can find interesting data.

The Future of the Cardboard Boxes

Now, thinking about more innovations that are emerging and that will gain space over the next decade, we can highlight items such as:

  1. Dissolvable Packaging

There are a number of new solutions emerging specifically in the food and beverage industry – such as using biodegradable materials and natural paint. When we talk about boxes themselves (commonly used in ready-to-eat delivery), those made from cornstarch have been gaining space. The same goes for boxes made specifically for water – as a way to replace the plastic in bottles – or drinks in ‘paper’ bottles (Carlsberg presented at the beginning of the year a bottle 100% made of wood fibers).

  1. Boxes in All Sizes

Increasingly, we will see packaging more adjusted to the product. This is not just an issue related to the packaging itself, but the entire chair involved in delivering an online purchase to a customer’s home. The less space your boxes take up, the more boxes you will be able to transport in the same truck, container or another – with fuel price increases worldwide, this will continue to be a relevant issue. In addition, consumers tend not to like to receive their products in boxes that are too big (because there is usually a waste of material, both in the box itself and in protective materials).

  1. Nanotechnology

Boxes with nanotechnology coatings will become increasingly common. This applies both to the food segment, since this barrier helps to preserve food for longer, and to other general segments as wall. This is because it is possible to associate this type of coating with a smart device that will be able to provide information such as tracking and protection against theft.

  1. Smart Warehousing

With the increase in online shopping, competition increases. With increasing competition, companies are racing to please the consumer – and fast delivery makes more and more difference to win the preference of customers. Therefore, smart warehousing will be increasingly common.

That is, we will see large inventories operated and organized by humans and robots. This ensures more agility in internal processes and speed in the delivery – important for customers – and also more data and automation of operations, which is important for the entrepreneur.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

As we mentioned, the solutions above will become more popular over the next few years. For now, if you are in need of cardboard boxes for your business, please contact us. We work with a range of customizable options and for a range of different products – from food to electronics. To contact us and request a free quote, click here.

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