With such a range of box manufactures in the market today, choosing the best box for your products is becoming more and more tricky. Not to worry. Racer Boxes knows the trick to picking the perfect box requires 3 considerations—product, delivery, and appearance.

The first step is the most obvious: the product itself provides the template for everything that follows. Aside from size, there is also weight and fragility to take into account. While size determines the basic shape needed, a heavier object might require a more reinforced cardboard frame and a fragile object might need a bit more room for packing filler. Remember this when considering a custom sized box.

Of course, everything ties directly into delivery. When considering how a product is going to be delivered, the size and weight are going to affect shipping costs. When shipping multiple items, a stock carton box large enough to hold them all is a must. In addition, some products might be suitable to display using the box itself. A colourful product box can become part of a display, increasing the product’s exposure. How it will be stored should also be taken into consideration.

Finally, there is the appearance to consider. As mentioned above, a colourful product box can effectively become part of a display, but even a plain design can send a message—especially if a company positions itself as eco-friendly. Full-colour mailers can really promote a brand even before the box is opened and its goodies revealed. For those who can’t afford full-colour printing, there are other ways to make an impact. Having a two-piece product box of differing colours (such as black and white) can add a touch of class.

Racer Boxes offers custom box sizes, box printing, and large stock carton boxes for mass shipping. Contact them today and ask about their products and delivery options. Call (604) 270 – 8205 or email

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