As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes understands there is something incredibly satisfying about unboxing a product. In fact, YouTube is full of videos dedicated just to this experience. And subscription model companies hinge their business model on this experience. So, how is possible to elevate the art of unboxing?

Basically, engaging the senses is important. If a company provides hi-tech gadgets, then the box and printing on the box should look sleek and futuristic. If they provide something uniquely feminine, a hint of perfume might be called for. Or for products that are fun and light-hearted, it might be fun to throw a couple pieces of candy or stickers into the mix.

Adding a personal touch is a terrific way to engage with customers and turn them into brand-loyal fans. Whether it’s a label that looks handcrafted, or personalizing the box with the customer’s name, something on it should elevate the feeling that it’s uniquely theirs.

For subscription businesses, being creative is a fun way to engage with customers. Whether it’s a customized box printing design that covers every inch of the box or a simple customized stamp, it’s important to deliver a feeling of more. Sure, what’s in the box is always important, but this is one time when thinking outside the box is especially important.

Racer Boxes can create the perfect mailer for whatever clients need, With solutions that allows businesses to maximize brand exposure and create personalized client experiences, we’ve got you covered whatever you need.

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