4 Top Reasons for Using Racer Boxes for Your Next Box Delivery

While there are many wholesale cardboard providers in Vancouver, Racer Boxes is a company that strives to stand apart from its competition. Here are the top 4 reasons how Racer Boxes is the best option for your next delivery job:

We Cater to All Order Sizes

Many large scale manufacturers of cardboard boxes, though great at what they do, do not cater to smaller orders. This may mean that your business will not be able to meet their minimum order requirements and your need will not be catered to. Other niche cardboard box providers may not be able to meet large quantity orders without facing a significant drop in quality. Racer Boxes, on the other hand, follows a flexible business model that enables us to meet demands of varying sizes, whether small, mid-sized or large.

Sturdy and Reliable

Racer Boxes diligently follows best practices of the industry and pays great emphasis on total quality management. This makes our boxes sturdy enough to give your goods the protection you want. Whether they have to transported over long distances on bumpy roads or have to be stacked on top of one another, our strong and reliable boxes will prevent collapse and make sure the products reach their destination in the optimum condition.

Temperature Management

For many perishable goods and delicate items, temperature management is highly essential. Racer Boxes equips its boxes with temperature management technology, such as venting holes and thick walls that enable the box to maintain the temperature of the contents at a desirable level. These venting holes are necessary for ventilation and temperature management.

How To Order From Racer Boxes in Richmond BC

To order your wholesale boxes, call Racer Boxes at 604-270–8205 or contact us online anytime!

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