Custom Shipping Boxes Printing Vancouver Canada

Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing understands the importance of having custom printed boxes for Vancouver businesses. So we make and sell affordable shipping boxes with excellent pricing and superior quality for both low volume and high volume requirements.

Even for relativity small businesses, using printed labels for your logo, branding, and descriptions isn’t very attractive, efficient, nor price effective when done in volume. As a local Canadian business based in Richmond B.C., we understand the needs of our customers and we put a top priority on providing exceptional customer service

Save on your Custom Box Printing

There’s a lot of advantages working with Racer Boxes for your shipping box printing services; but as always, the first box to check (no pun intended) is the price. While we pride ourselves on high quality workmanship from start to finish, we’re equally proud to be able to offer affordable pricing to our customers.

One of the ways we are able to offer great pricing without cutting corners on quality and service is because we’re able to provide both the box manufacturing and the box printing right here, in-house. That saves the added time and expense of ordering cartons and then sending them off for printing.

For local Vancouver companies we also provide the added bonus of reduced shipping cost. There’s no sense in buying overseas and paying for freight, when we’ll beat them on price, quality, and service — all done locally and done right!

Get Exactly the Right Shapes & Sizes of Shipping Boxes Printed

Because we manufacture all of our boxes right here, in-house, we’re able to offer you unprecedented flexibility on your shipping boxes. Get exactly the right kind of shipping boxes – the right sizes and shapes – along with custom printing tailored for your business.

We’ll work with you from start to finish to ensure you get exactly the shipping boxes you want. To learn more about our custom shipping boxes and our printing services, contact us today at (604) 270 – 8205!

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