Our Upcoming eCommerce Shipping Boxes & Mailers Series

The e-commerce business in Vancouver B.C. has blown up in recent years through the confluence of technologies, services, and consumer-sentiment that now allows individuals and small businesses compete with traditional retail outlets in ways that used to be impossible. Whether it’s through Amazon, eBay, etsy, or direct through a subscription based “subscription box” services, the retail space has changed and it drives up the demand for gaining a competitive advantage through branded packaging.

Here at Racer Boxes in Richmond B.C, we work with a lot of folks in eCommerce. We manufacture wholesale shipping boxes for both growing as well as well established eCommerce companies who are making waves throughout Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and the United States. So over the years we have accumulated lot of insight that can help you understand both the advantages and disadvantages of investing in custom boxes for your business.

In this series of posts we are going to focus on important questions for startups and small businesses that rely on shipping boxes or mailers in one form or another. In this vein, some of our previous eCommerce shipping box related posts include: Printing your own Label Stickers vs Custom Printed Boxes3 Tips to Boost Efficiency for Vancouver eCommerce, and Buying Wholesale Boxes: China vs Vancouver Canada.

Our Upcoming eCommerce Topics

In the following series of posts we will look closer at key eCommerce marketplaces and important marketing strategies behind using custom mailers and custom shipping boxes within those channels. The upcoming topics will include:

We might add to this list as time goes on as well, but in the mean time stay tuned for our first post in this series later this month: Competitive Advantages in eCommerce: Custom Mailers 101!

About Racer Boxes Custom Wholesale Boxes in Richmond, B.C.

Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing manufactures all of our boxes locally in-house, in Richmond B.C., Canada, so we’re able to make your orders affordable and offer great flexibility. Get exactly the right kind of shipping boxes you need, along with custom printing, tailored for your business.

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