Since 1991, Racer Boxes has provided local businesses with boxes of all shapes and sizes. By manufacturing quality boxes at wholesale prices, the team hammered out a niche in the local landscape. Of course, as a team of wholesale box manufacturers in Vancouver, everyone at Racer Boxes is pretty keen on cardboard. Below is a list of fun facts about this durable, heavy-duty champion.

Cardboard has been one of the most frequently used materials in the modern world for over a century now, but its earliest forms can be traced back to 17th century China when people used thick paper as a packaging material. It didn’t reach Europe until the nineteenth century and was first mentioned in literature in Anne Bronte’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” in 1848.

Today, about 80% of all products in the Western world are packaged in cardboard, using about 400 billion square feet of the material. While in the UK, about 5 billion corrugated boxes are used per year, in the US that number skyrockets to a hundred billion.

Recycling cuts down on the resources and energy needed for cardboard production. Recycling cardboards only requires 75% of the energy required to create it fresh and produces half the sulphur dioxide in the process.

Advances in technology have made cardboard 20% lighter than just ten years ago. However, its strength has remained consistent. It’s incredible to see how far the industry has come in terms of sustainability and improvements in manufacturing and recycling are underway even today.

Racer Boxes strives to be an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing wholesale boxes in Vancouver. With flexible services and proven reliability, businesses across the lower mainland use Racer Boxes to ensure goods reach clients in safe and presentable condition.  For the highest quality cardboard boxes with optional customizations like box printing and inserts, contact Racer Boxes at  (604) 270–8205 or

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