Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing is a wholesale box manufacturer and box printer, proudly servicing the Vancouver Area. While cardboard has always been an excellent option for companies that want to green-up, the students at Woodland Park Magnet School have to be applauded for a delightful project that allowed them to reuse boxes in new and creative ways.

The students of a second-grade class were studying about inventors and engineers and read the story Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. The award-winning book, inspired by Antoinette’s childhood memories, captures the thrill of how pretending can make the most basic of things feel real when imagination takes over, even with something as simple as a cardboard box.

The students then took it a step further, physically transforming cardboard boxes into robots, ovens, vending machines, and even a long-reach grasping hand with flexible fingers. They were encouraged to use their imagination to become young engineers, and exceeded their teacher’s expectations in the process.

As a company that manufactures wholesale cardboard boxes in Vancouver for businesses with low, mid, and high-volume requirements, Racer Boxes creates packaging for all sorts of industries—food, clothing, restaurants, and much more. We’re inspired by these children who took something as simple as a cardboard box and saw so much more hiding inside.

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