Humanitarian Aid with Corrugated Boxes?

Earlier this month, we published an article on how our corrugated boxes were made in Vancouver, B.C. (see: Corrugated Boxes: Local, Sustainable Vancouver Box Manufacturer”). Corrugated cardboard is the most common type of cardboard and it is known for its light-weight but extreme durability in stiffness and in strength. It is made up from three layers, including a wavy middle layer created during the manufacturing process. As such, corrugated cardboard is a material not only excellent for packing boxes or stacking boxes, but it is also ideal for insulation and even shelter.

 Cardboard Insulation & Shelter

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is known for literally thinking outside the box. He is most famous for his innovative work with paper to quickly and efficiently house disaster victims. His favourite material is in fact the recycled corrugated box, which he has used to build houses and churches, among various other projects around the world.

Shigeru Ban’s modern design as applied to humanitarian projects has inspired many to think about cardboard boxes in more than just one way. They have certainly provided as shelter for individuals in one way or another. In other instances, other creative individuals have repurposed the incredible material for ecological projects, like building a cardboard bicycle. The possibilities are endless; what else can you think about doing with a cardboard box?

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