Around here, on the Racer Boxes blog, we always talk about the importance of brands betting on e-commerce. This is due to the exponential increase that online shopping has been facing in recent years. This has been happening due to a mixture of factors, such as a greater variety of products and brands available, easier research and price checking, and, of course, ease and practicality for the consumer.

This behavior is definitely here to stay and, in the coming years, we must not only follow evolutions in logistics or in the shopping experience. We will also see many novelties regarding packaging. This applies both to the packaging that covers the products and to the packaging where they are sent to their new owners (the famous corrugated cardboard boxes).

Even if most of the technologies that we are going to present in this article still take some time to become popular and be widely used in commerce, it is important to already be aware of the innovations in this segment. Thinking about it, if you have a brand and like to be always up to date, keep reading to better understand what’s to come.

What is Intelligent Packaging?

Intelligent packaging is a type of packaging system that includes embedded technology and sensors to monitor, collect, and communicate data about the product or package. It can be used for food and pharmaceuticals but is also in other industries such as automotive, industrial, and electronics… And in a few years, in all of them. 

Intelligent packaging offers information and data about the product and its environments, such as temperature, humidity, location, and expiration date. This data can be used to optimize the product handling process, ensure food safety and product quality, track inventory and shipments, and more.

What Will the Packaging of the Future be Like?

In the future, we can expect packaging to become more intelligent, taking our expectations to the next level. 

For example, sensors and tags can be used to track the packages as they move through the supply chain, providing real-time insights into their whereabouts. They can also be used to provide customer convenience. For example, packages can be tracked to ensure they arrive on time, and customers can be provided with more information about the parcel and its condition. 

In addition, intelligent packaging can be used to customize online shopping experiences for the customer. That is: customers may have the option of choosing the shape, size, and color of the packaging. Remember what we talked about the unboxing experience a few months ago? This has everything to do with this! 

Another benefit of intelligent packaging is that it can help reduce waste. This means that it will be possible to use cardboard boxes (and other types of boxes as well) to provide information about the product’s shelf life and help companies better manage stock levels. This can help reduce waste and save money for businesses. 

So we can say that these innovations will help companies monitor the safety and quality of their products. Sensors and tags can be used to detect temperature changes and other potential threats that could affect the products in the package. This information can be used to provide customers with assurances that the products they are buying are safe and of high quality. 

Overall, intelligent packaging will revolutionize the way we package and ship products. In the future, we can expect intelligent packaging to provide companies with valuable data, give customers convenient and personalized packaging options, and help reduce waste.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

While this type of technology is not wildly used yet, we reinforce the advice we always give here: have a close relationship with your box supplier. That way, if you have questions or are feeling unsure about type of packaging or even which box sizes to choose, we can guide you and help you in this task. If you are in Vancouver, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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