If there’s a phrase you always read around here, it’s that cardboard boxes aren’t just boxes when we talk about online shopping. After all, they replace a customer’s experience of walking into a physical store, choosing a product, paying and returning home happy with their purchase. That is, they are as much a part of marketing your brand as the first impression you have of it.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of things to avoid when packaging your products to prevent your customers from having a bad impression of your brand and product. Keep reading to understand better.

Packaging Mistakes: What to Avoid

Boxing your products for shipping to their new owners needs to be a quick, simple, and happy process (after all, every purchase means your business is growing!). So, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Wrong Size Boxes

Here we have already given some tips on this subject. But in short, your boxes need to house your products without being too big (which compromises the safety of the product, which can break on the way, for example) or too small (think that many people will open the box using a knife or scissors – if the box is too tight, there is a chance of damaging the product in the process).

  1. Very Heavy Items

Cardboard boxes are made to keep what’s inside them safe – and they’re great for that! But they also have a weight limit – think that this box will be transported by third parties until it reaches its buyer, if you do not respect this limit, the box may arrive damaged. If you sell products that are too heavy, you may need to invest in carriers that specialize in this.

  1. Not Packing Properly

In addition to having appropriately sized boxes, you need to accommodate your products well. If you sell breakables, pack them well to avoid negative surprises. In all cases – breakable objects or not – avoid leaving empty spaces in the box. Fill them with kraft paper, for example – this prevents the products from bumping into each other during transport. They may not break, but they will arrive with a bad presentation at your client’s house.

  1. Excessive Use of Plastic

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability issues. That is, if you can replace all types of plastic inside the packaging, even better. We know it’s not always possible (especially when it comes to items that can break easily), but if your products aren’t that fragile, switch to recyclable materials like paper and cardboard.

  1. Not Paying Attention to the Label

Errors in filling in the shipping label of the boxes lead to delays in receiving (and consequently, to frustrations on the part of your customers) and can even lead to financial losses, since if the package returns to the sender, you will need to pay to send it. it again. It seems obvious to say, but pay attention to it!

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

In addition to all this, it is important to remember: you need to have a responsible management of your stock of boxes, to prevent your customers from waiting because you miscalculated and ended up running out of them. If you need help with quantity management and also with box orders, please contact us. We at Racer Boxes a wholesale box manufacture a number of types of cardboard boxes and can help you in this process. To contact, click here.

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