So it’s Christmas? Not yet! But it’s time for something very important: plan your sales strategies to make the most of this business period. The end of the year is the busiest season for commerce in different sectors. After all, it is the season that concentrates dates such as Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day and the beginning of the year sales.

The period is very busy for the entire commerce sector, but online shopping is still on the rise, so if you work with online sales, today we are going to address a relevant subject for this moment: is it worth investing in cardboard boxes and themed packaging for the holidays?

Is It Worth Investing in Holiday Packaging?

If you follow the Racer Boxes blog often, you’ve probably read our articles on the importance of packaging for online shopping. If you haven’t read it, we invite you to access this article on unboxing experience, as well as this one on how important it is to incorporate your brand’s personality into packaging. What happens is that the boxes did not fail to fulfill their main objectives – to make a product arrive intact at the home of its buyer – but also took on a new position. They are also important tools in marketing strategy.

Taking all this into account, you probably already know the answer to the question we asked at the beginning of this article: is it worth investing in personalized packaging for the holidays? Yes it is! After all, when we talk about online shopping, we are transferring the experience that a customer would have in a physical store to the moment they receive their box at home. Adding this to the end of the year season, which usually stirs emotions, themed packaging can help you – and a lot – to please and retain your customer.

Customized Packaging: Tips on How to Plan

If you’re considering adopting this strategy, keep reading – we’ve prepared some tips to make this process easier.

  1. Plan Yourself

We still have a few weeks before the holiday period starts, but if you have a business, you probably already know that planning, especially at times like these, needs to start early. If you want to use custom packaging – whether inner packaging for the products or outer cardboard boxes where they will be shipped – custom, place your order with your supplier now.

In fact, this is another tip we always give here: be close to your supplier. In this way, you are able to match conditions that are favorable to both of you. Your box supplier can even help you establish the ideal quantities needed – for that, have sales estimates in recent years and company growth as well, as this data can be useful.

  1. Be Specific, But Not Too Much

What elements to use in holiday themed packaging? If you’re planning this at the last minute, the best option is to choose the more traditional or Christmas-related ones if that’s your choice. But always remember to adapt the thematic material to the personality of your brand – if it is more relaxed, choose fun messages and more playful and colorful elements; if you are more serious, choose more discreet and elegant elements.

And in these cases, a tip is interesting: avoid using elements such as dates, for example. Because if you happen to order too many packages and don’t use them all, they won’t go to waste and can be used next year.

  1. Make Specific Promotions

The commerce will be naturally heated, so it’s time to “hitch a ride” at this good moment to intensify your sales increase. If your company has a physical headquarters, bet on roulettes, gifts, instagrammable spaces to take photos, and create environments where people want to be. If your business offers delivery or e-commerce, think about coupons, exclusive offers, sweepstakes, etc. It is important that the public knows and wants your pieces – and that when they arrive at their destination, the buyer is positively surprised.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

If you need cardboard boxes in Vancouver, please contact us at Racer Boxes. We work with a wide range of products and we can help you with your demands. In addition, we work with short manufacturing and delivery times. If you still want to put into practice your strategies for the holidays, get in touch by clicking here.

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