As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes are sometimes asked for recommendations when it comes to packaging and packing material. There are dozens of options to protect merchandise that’s being shipped, but choosing the best requires some consideration. Here are some general guidelines on packing:

Packing peanuts come in two varieties theses, foam and cornstarch based biodegradable pellets, but both fill the same niche. They serve as loose filler that fills all empty space within a box to protect fragile items, creating a cushioning effect. Though they are designed to take up space, they are exceedingly lightweight, so as not to add to delivery costs.

Padded dividers are best suited for holding numerous smaller objects, as they are divided by little walls, creating a number of small compartments. This can be especially useful when shipping collections of items, or objects that you wish to keep separated for whatever reason. The outer edges are heavily padded, to provide extra protection to the objects within.

Bubble bags or bubble wrap is a surprisingly durable form of protection and space saving compared to some of the other options. The tiny plastic air-filled bubbles are very difficult to pop unless direct pressure is applied to a specific location, making it incredibly resilient to damage under most circumstances.

Packing foam, like packing peanuts, is meant to fill all available space in order to protect the item being shipped. It is intended to be cut into the desired shape to best protect/buffer the item that needs protecting. It tends to be denser, and thus a little heavier, than packing peanuts, but provides maximum protection.

Packing paper, such as kraft and butcher paper, doesn’t provide protection against direct impact, but it can help prevent scrapes and scratches. Depending on what’s being shipped and how, this might be sufficient.

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