If you follow the Racer Boxes blog, you are already more than aware of the current scenario that involves maintaining the high in online shopping – a trend that began with the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic and has everything to stay in the next few years. If you haven’t read the articles yet, we recommend taking a look here, here and here. In other words, if you have an online store (or other business that involves mailing products) , take advantage of this moment to grow and consolidate in your segment.

And anyone selling online, of course, needs cardboard boxes. It was precisely with this in mind that we prepared today’s post: to help you plan better and organize yourself for the positive scenario of the coming months in this segment.

Inventory of Cardboard Boxes: How to Organize Yourself

We’ve prepared a checklist below that will help you plan better for the next few months, so already separate your business statistics for this task.

  1. Analyze Your Data

If you already use management tools in your business, you are likely to be able to analyze your data more easily. If you still don’t use it, separate your sales, billing and inventory data. That’s because the number of cardboard boxes needed to keep your business running smoothly for customers is closely tied to this data. Put side by side the number of sales per month for 2022 – both in absolute numbers and in revenue – and already estimate the growth for 2023. This is the same growth that your orders of cardboard boxes for packaging must have.

  1. Stock and Inventory

And each time your business grows, you need to also increase the attention you pay to factors like stock and inventory organization. That is, if you are going to increase sales, you will increase production. If you’re going to increase production, you’re going to increase your order for cardboard boxes from your supplier. Have a system to record everything you have available to avoid both spending more than necessary or running out of boxes to ship your products.

When we talk about packaging, it is also necessary to keep an eye on their storage. Store them in an environment that is not subject to humidity, especially if you order large quantities to save money.

  1. Talk to Your Supplier

Continuing the point of the previous item – many merchants order larger boxes to be able to take advantage of better prices (and also to try to avoid possible price increases or lack of materials, as we have seen happen throughout 2022). If that’s your idea, maintain a close relationship with your box supplier – he can help you with this planning and you can jointly come up with a good scenario for both of you. In addition, this is the ideal time to do this – the end of the year season is usually busy for commerce on account of the holidays, which means that you have more cash in your pocket. Take the opportunity to save on the purchase of boxes for 2023.

  1. Bet on Marketing

Another point that we always emphasize here is that cardboard boxes don’t have to be just boxes. They can be part of your marketing strategy. So, think about how you can use them to reinforce your brand’s presence in the minds and lives of customers – personalized boxes and well-packaged products, for example, are ways to use what you already do (that is, sell and send products) to stand out from your competitors.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

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