As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing have seen how the internet has changed the way people shop. Thanks to smartphones and e-commerce, it’s possible to buy just about anything from anywhere in the world. And that convenience has made the humble brown cardboard box the undisputed king of packaging.

The cardboard box industry will be worth over $200 billion globally in the next few years, and was already almost $170 billion back in 2017. Most of this is driven by the continuing growth of e-commerce, especially in developing countries. India’s e-commerce industry alone is predicted to jump from $40 billion to $200 billion by 2026.

Technically called “corrugated cardboard,” the origins of the cardboard box date back over 3000 years in China, but the term itself was supposedly first recorded by novelist Anne Brontë back in 1848.

Corrugated paper was first patented in 1856, originally as a liner that would help top hats retain their shape. Robert Gair invented the pre-cut paperboard box in Brooklyn in 1879, which became incredibly popular and launched a packaging revolution.

The success of cardboard packaging is generally attributed to its remarkable engineering. The corrugated folds in the board help reinforce the boxes, and the air trapped between provides a stable cushion, protecting the contents during shipping. They also provide some protection against moisture, which is also important.

The machines that create these boxes have evolved over many years. Today, the fastest box-making machines in the world work at a speed of 400 boxes a minute.

One of the many benefits of cardboard is its reusability. They are 97% recyclable and can be produced from recycled materials. Around 90% of all cardboard produced is recycled, according to the EPA. This reduced environmental impact makes it an attractive choice for many people who require large amounts of packaging for their business.

Beyond its green cred, the simple brown box is also a great marketing tool—for example Racer Boxes offers box printing in Vancouver, which can bring emphasis and attention to brands.

Racer Boxes was founded in Richmond, BC by two Hong Kong immigrants who produced cardboard boxes in Vancouver. With flexible delivery options, affordable pricing, and superior quality, today Racer Boxes works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations  across the lower mainland.

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As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes are sometimes asked for recommendations when it comes to packaging and packing material. There are dozens of options to protect merchandise that’s being shipped, but choosing the best requires some consideration. Here are some general guidelines on packing:

Packing peanuts come in two varieties theses, foam and cornstarch based biodegradable pellets, but both fill the same niche. They serve as loose filler that fills all empty space within a box to protect fragile items, creating a cushioning effect. Though they are designed to take up space, they are exceedingly lightweight, so as not to add to delivery costs.

Padded dividers are best suited for holding numerous smaller objects, as they are divided by little walls, creating a number of small compartments. This can be especially useful when shipping collections of items, or objects that you wish to keep separated for whatever reason. The outer edges are heavily padded, to provide extra protection to the objects within.

Bubble bags or bubble wrap is a surprisingly durable form of protection and space saving compared to some of the other options. The tiny plastic air-filled bubbles are very difficult to pop unless direct pressure is applied to a specific location, making it incredibly resilient to damage under most circumstances.

Packing foam, like packing peanuts, is meant to fill all available space in order to protect the item being shipped. It is intended to be cut into the desired shape to best protect/buffer the item that needs protecting. It tends to be denser, and thus a little heavier, than packing peanuts, but provides maximum protection.

Packing paper, such as kraft and butcher paper, doesn’t provide protection against direct impact, but it can help prevent scrapes and scratches. Depending on what’s being shipped and how, this might be sufficient.

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As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing are experts in all things cardboard. For example, did you know there’s a correct way to store cardboard boxes?

95% of products in the US alone are packaged and transported in cardboard containers. But when not in use, they have a way of piling up and using up storage space. Learning the right way to break them down and store them will help keep them in a reusable state, and for businesses who have made a significant investment in packaging, keeping boxes tidy and safe means saving money.

First, cut the taped ends of the box open with a utility knife or other sharp object, separating the flaps by pulling them open and pushing the box flat.

Then stack these folded boxes together keeping similar sizes together. In order to bundle these together without wasting twine, measure the width of the largest box in the stack, double it and add two feet. Do the same for the length of the longest box.

Tie the box bundle up by width and then by length, and trim any excess twine left over. Don’t tie it too tight or the twine might cut into the edges of the boxes at the top and bottom.

Finally, it’s important to store the boxes somewhere not just out of the way, but safe from possible water damage. Place upright when storing unless you have shelf space large enough to slide it onto flat. Some people might hang the bundle up on a hook against a wall in a storage room to help free up storage space elsewhere.

Racer Boxes helps businesses across Vancouver offering Stock Cartons, Small Die Cut Boxes, Bakers Boxes, and Delivery Boxes, and more at wholesale prices, while providing small batch delivery services to reduce the need for separate storage space or facilities. To learn more, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270-8205 or email

Since 1991, Racer Boxes has provided local businesses with boxes of all shapes and sizes. By manufacturing quality boxes at wholesale prices, the team hammered out a niche in the local landscape. Of course, as a team of wholesale box manufacturers in Vancouver, everyone at Racer Boxes is pretty keen on cardboard. Below is a list of fun facts about this durable, heavy-duty champion.

Cardboard has been one of the most frequently used materials in the modern world for over a century now, but its earliest forms can be traced back to 17th century China when people used thick paper as a packaging material. It didn’t reach Europe until the nineteenth century and was first mentioned in literature in Anne Bronte’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” in 1848.

Today, about 80% of all products in the Western world are packaged in cardboard, using about 400 billion square feet of the material. While in the UK, about 5 billion corrugated boxes are used per year, in the US that number skyrockets to a hundred billion.

Recycling cuts down on the resources and energy needed for cardboard production. Recycling cardboards only requires 75% of the energy required to create it fresh and produces half the sulphur dioxide in the process.

Advances in technology have made cardboard 20% lighter than just ten years ago. However, its strength has remained consistent. It’s incredible to see how far the industry has come in terms of sustainability and improvements in manufacturing and recycling are underway even today.

Racer Boxes strives to be an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing wholesale boxes in Vancouver. With flexible services and proven reliability, businesses across the lower mainland use Racer Boxes to ensure goods reach clients in safe and presentable condition.  For the highest quality cardboard boxes with optional customizations like box printing and inserts, contact Racer Boxes at  (604) 270–8205 or

Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing is a wholesale box manufacturer and box printer, proudly servicing the Vancouver Area. While cardboard has always been an excellent option for companies that want to green-up, the students at Woodland Park Magnet School have to be applauded for a delightful project that allowed them to reuse boxes in new and creative ways.

The students of a second-grade class were studying about inventors and engineers and read the story Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. The award-winning book, inspired by Antoinette’s childhood memories, captures the thrill of how pretending can make the most basic of things feel real when imagination takes over, even with something as simple as a cardboard box.

The students then took it a step further, physically transforming cardboard boxes into robots, ovens, vending machines, and even a long-reach grasping hand with flexible fingers. They were encouraged to use their imagination to become young engineers, and exceeded their teacher’s expectations in the process.

As a company that manufactures wholesale cardboard boxes in Vancouver for businesses with low, mid, and high-volume requirements, Racer Boxes creates packaging for all sorts of industries—food, clothing, restaurants, and much more. We’re inspired by these children who took something as simple as a cardboard box and saw so much more hiding inside.

Learn more about the Stock Cartons, Small Die Cut Boxes, Bakers Boxes, and Delivery Boxes, the team at Racer Boxes are creating every day. With options for printing and small-batch delivery, the team at Racer Boxes provides superior quality and affordable pricing to businesses that think outside the box. Call (604) 270-8205 or email to learn more.

Racer Boxes In Vancouver: Tips for packing the Perfect Package

As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes knows how crucial it is to pack a box properly. After all, businesses not only need to ensure their merchandise arrives safely, shipping costs can quickly add up due to size and weight.

Shop before you ship

Depending on the shipping service you use, different costs may apply for certain products, such as books, DVDs, or manuscripts. Also, most offer special rates for small businesses provide discounts for shipping and other services. It’s important to find what works best, especially if volumes are high and growing. Note that Canada Post doesn’t have residential surcharges, something that might be significant to a company doing regular business in such areas.

The right box for the job

The bigger the box, the more it will cost. Shaving a few centimetres off each side can drop the cost by up to 10% depending on the carrier. But remember the box can’t be too small either. Without room for packing materials, a product can arrive damaged. The trick is to find a box that is just right, leaving enough room on all sides for cushioning.

Pack smart

When it comes to packing material, not all products are created equal. A fragile vase will need more packing material on all sides than a book. The former might require extra padding on all sides, while the latter might just need a bit of bubble wrap. Take this into account when choosing the right sized box.

Get organized

Sometimes size can be reduced through efficient organization. For, example, if multiple boxes need to fit inside a larger one, play with solutions to manage space—don’t just toss everything inside.

Fold to save space

While it’s essential to have shipping materials on hand when necessary, a surplus of packing materials can impinge on space—or even require separate storage. This can eat up any savings on wholesale purchases, which is why Racer Boxes offers small-batch delivery as an option.


For custom box sizes, box printing, and large stock carton boxes, Racer Boxes in Vancouver offers a variety of wholesale box products and delivery options. Call (604) 270 – 8205 or email


Racer Boxes Offers Box Shipping for Beginners

As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes understands how important it is to ensure that products reach their customers undamaged, and much of this hinges on the packaging used during delivery.

Apart from safety, a box acts as an ambassador of the brand. Consider the impression the packaging will have on the consumer when it arrives—a box that’s too big or small increases the chance of product damage. Moreover, recipients may gain the overall impression that a business is cheap, lazy, or uncaring, none of which is beneficial.

Aside from aesthetics and professionalism, customized box sizes make good economic sense. An appropriately sized  custom box is cheaper to store and ship. Less packing filler is required. And while these might seem like trifling costs per order, over time they can add up. That’s why companies like Amazon are continually finding new ways to cut down on waste and space when shipping.

However, the best reason to invest in custom box manufacturing is that it means leaving customers with a better impression. In fact, according to a 2016 study, 40% of shoppers said they would be somewhat more likely or much more likely to purchase from a retailer again if they ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package.

Quality packaging also encourages word-of-mouth marketing. When consumers are excited about a brand, they’re more likely to recommend it to friends and colleagues. Statistics suggest that 50% of shoppers are more likely to recommend a product to friends if the packaging manages to impress them.  In other words, don’t underestimate the “wow” factor.

For reliable custom-made boxes that can be delivered in convenient batch sizes, Racer Boxes manufacturers boxes of superior quality at affordable pricing. Call (604) 270-8205 or email to learn more.


Not every business gets their own holiday but as a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, there’s no doubt that Boxing Day deserves a special nod. While it’s not certain how the holiday came about, there are a few popular theories on the matter.

Boxing Day occurs the day after Christmas, and if that happens to fall on a weekend, the public holiday is celebrated on Monday instead. While it became an official holiday during the reign of Queen Victoria, some have claimed to trace its origins all the way back to medieval times.

The name itself is also a mystery. Some claim it comes from churches opening alms boxes the day after Christmas to distribute to the poor. Others claim it has to do with boxes of gifts employers gave to servants (who had to work on Christmas but got the day after off).

In many places, Boxing Day is considered a big shopping day, where people look for huge post-Christmas deals. Online shopping and pre-Christmas sales like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, however, have cut into this over the last decade, reducing it for many to just another sales event.

While the “boxing” in Boxing Day has no basis in fist fighting, some British colonies do celebrate the day with big prizefighting events. In the UK, Boxing Day is popular partly because of its connection to traditional fox hunting. But this has fallen out of favour and is now technically illegal.

Ireland also celebrates the day but sometimes refer to it as Wren Day instead, harkening back to a tradition in which poor children would kill a wren, then sell its feathers to neighbours for good luck. Fortunately, these days the wren is fake.

The team at Racer Boxes would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. When it’s time to get back to work, remember that as a Vancouver box manufacturer Racer Boxes provides companies with boxes of all shapes and sizes at wholesale costs. Start the New Year right by saving some money. Contact (604) 270–8205 or to learn more.

As a Vancouver box manufacturer, Racer Boxes creates boxes for businesses that need to ship anything—from delectable edibles to oversized appliances. Choosing the best carrier can have a huge impact on a business’s bottom line, so what are the options in Canada?

Broadly speaking, Canadian businesses have four key options: Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Choosing the right one for you can significantly impact Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), not to mention customer experience.

Choosing a suitable shipping provider is especially important for businesses that make frequent repeat deliveries, such as subscription box services. However, as online shopping becomes increasingly popular, shipping and delivery is something many businesses will have to consider in the near future.

When examining the different options, start by asking yourself what will make your life easier? Remember, just because these shippers provide the same service doesn’t mean they’re alike. Below are a few highlights of each.

Probably the best known, Canada Post will deliver anywhere in Canada. Their online tracking service is easy to use, and they offer a wide range of services: Priority, Xpresspost, Expedited Parcel, and Regular Parcel, which makes it easy to provide a reasonable service for customers.

UPS is known for their reliability as well as their large number of shipping locations. With a website that is easy to navigate, they provide a simple tracking code lookup for those awaiting their goods and maintain a responsive and professional environment. They are more than happy to work directly with companies to offer streamlined solutions that accommodate a variety of needs.

When it needs to get there fast, FedEx is best known for their next day delivery. They also have a simple-to-use package tracking service. There are also options for more budget-minded customers. SmartPost is an affordable way to get low-weight deliveries sent to residential addresses, though it can take a couple weeks to arrive. While this can work out for subscription services with a little planning, companies who need fast delivery immediately after an order is made will want to consider other options.

DHL is well known for their international shipping networks, covering most countries and destinations worldwide as well as having competitive rates. However, DHL does have its drawbacks when it comes to delivery times. Additionally, their tracking dashboard can be slow, cumbersome, and difficult at times.

After you’ve come up with a delivery strategy, Racer Boxes can build and print the boxes to get your goods delivered intact and in style. As a Vancouver box manufacturer, clients can create customized box sizes and print their boxes with suitable brand imagery. There are even options like scheduled delivery to help control warehouse and storage costs.

For produce boxes, stock carton, small die-cut boxes, food boxes, and more, Racer Boxes can provide solutions to protect merchandise and cut costs. Learn more by calling (604) 270-8205 or email

As a shipping box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes knows that reliable packaging and shipping is always a good investment. Yet, businesses often waste valuable time and money taking unnecessary steps. To help people streamline the process, Racer Boxes is sharing a list of simple tips, courtesy of Canada Post.

1) Choose the right packaging

Don’t leave unnecessary space, or add excess bulk to fill it out. The size and weight of a package determine the cost, so it pays to be efficient. If there isn’t a standard sized box that quite works, consider having a custom die-cut box made instead.

2) Set up a clear process

Nothing can slow packing down more than uncertainty. Set up a clear, standardized system for how products should be packed, perhaps even using a checklist to ensure employees don’t make mistakes and have to backtrack.

3) Keep your storage organized

Having products organized and packed correctly will save time and money when it comes to shipping. Best-selling items should be within easy reach, and heavy objects should never be high up. Products often sold together should also be kept close together. Label the shelves and the staff will spend far less time hunting for what they need.

4) Prepare for busy sales periods

Aside from the obvious peak periods such as Christmas or Black Friday, companies experience other peak periods in the year (for example, a company selling school supplies would experience a back-to-school peak in August). Get organized in and prepare as much in advance as possible.

5) Invest in quality packing materials

While it might seem tempting to save a few bucks when it comes to boxes and packing materials, consider the lost revenue due to damaged and broken items that come with it. Investing in a quality product might cost more in the short run, but will result in far less loss in the long run. Better packing material means smaller boxes can be used, which will reduce shipping costs.

Racer Boxes offers standardized and custom cardboard boxes for every type of business. With the holiday season around the corner, we recommend ordering your boxes and shipping early to avoid delays. To learn more about purchasing wholesale boxes in Vancouver, contact (604) 270–8205 or

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