Small businesses now can be competitive in the tough market dominated by the sales giants bringing more personality to their packaging, getting closer, and connected with clients. When it comes to sales and marketing your products, the packaging can make the difference and influence customers’ final decision. 

With many options of cardboard boxes to choose to protect and, in some cases, showcase your product, choose one which can be adapted and made for your business needs may be the best option. Not only for bringing more personality to your business but also for providing the best cost-benefit to your budget. 

To help you to choose the best box to pack your products, you should consider:

Packaging Purpose

Before to order your cardboard boxes with the best cardboard manufacturer in British Columbia, take time to analyze your business needs. The purpose of your package will help you to select the best option for you. You can pack electronics, beauty products, beverages, even food. Each product requires different demands to sell them. 

To pair your products with the perfect packaging solution, you should also take into consideration how your products are manufactured, how they will be shipped, and how they will be presented to your customers. These three variables will help you decide which kind of packaging makes more sense for your business. 

Custom Printing

In addition to your business needs, your cardboard box can also enhance your business by displaying your logo. Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing, a wholesale box manufacturer and box printer can provide you cardboard boxes at affordable pricing and superior quality. 

You can get colorful or opt to be simple, but you can print your boxes as you like. When it comes to printing, experience matters, once you only get one chance to make a first impression to your clients, you really want your custom printed boxes to represent you very well. 

We’ve helped our customers in British Columbia and Washington, US fulfill their cardboard box needs for decades. We offer excellent customer service for high-quality products. We are committed to getting the job done right and on-time every time.

Contact Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to discuss custom printing for your next order of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Listening our clients demand and needs, as Vancouver box manufacturer and box printer, now we provide moving and packaging supplies for the Vancouver Area. By listening to our client’s needs, we have expanded our services in providing wholesale supplies to our extended service list. Our high precision quality and service flexibility ensures that we have you covered, for all your custom box needs.


For your moving needs, the corrugated cardboard boxes might be the best solution for packaging because of their lightweight, durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Another great advantage of this box is that you can completely recycle it or even repurpose it. Following we will show you other benefits of using cardboard boxes in your move.


Lightweight Cardboard Boxes


Moving is always a hassle even if you are the most organized person, it’s always a time consuming and lot of things going on to pay attention and mind of. One of the things that you need to deal with is the packaging. You must find a solution that will work for your needs instead of creating more problems and being an uncomfortable for you.


Thus, cardboard boxes are the best solution for being a light in weight solution, being easy to carry them around and lift. Moreover, this type of box it’s versatile, allowing you to load, unload and packaging again your belongings.


Affordable option – Cardboard Box Manufacturer


Carboard boxes are also an affordable option for your moving. Instead of renting plastic boxes that are expensive and might not be so effective and efficient, the corrugated cardboard is very effective and inexpensive, keeping your move budget on track.


At Racer Boxes you can choose among different sizes, accordingly to the weight and volume of objects you need to pack.


Safety – Advantages of Using Cardboard Boxes


Other great advantage of using cardboard boxes to your move is to ensure the safety of transporting your belongings. Due to the characteristics of this box, the sheets are double, glued to the liners which makes the cardboard boxes strong and firm, protecting your personal objects.


The cardboard box protects your objects from vibration and mechanical shocks during the transportation, keeping your even your fragile items protected from broking or damaging.


Our Richmond based manufacturing facility produce the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes. Along with Wholesale Supplies now added to our line of services. Our custom cardboard boxes are precision cut for various sizes, depths, strengths, and uses. Contact us today at (604) 270 – 8205 for all your supplies needs in the Vancouver Area.

As Vancouver box manufacturer and box printer, now we provide wholesale supplies for the Vancouver Area. By listening to our business customers and client’s needs, we have expanded our services in providing wholesale supplies to our extended service list. Our high precision quality and service flexibility ensures that we have you covered, for all your custom box needs.


Blueberry Boxes For Sale


Our highly specialized team at Racer Boxes developed the right and proper produce boxes for farmers around British Columbia to store and transport their products with safety to the destination. Boxes for perishable food like fruits and vegetables are crucial item of keeping the quality and freshness, which directly impact farmers and retailers.


You can find a high quality variety of corrugated cardboard boxes which are designed to include die-cut holes in strategic places to offer optimal airflow to the fruits, and vegetables, enhancing the longevity of food besides to allow an easy handling to transportation.


One great option of produce boxes is the blueberry boxes available in 5 lbs and 10 lbs sizes. You can enhance your sales production by personalizing the boxes with your brand and logo, increasing your brand awareness among the retail networking.


Blueberry Box Manufacturer


All produce box from Racer Boxes are designed and produced in-house which ensure you the best quality and affordable solutions for your food packaging. Our boxes are durable enough for packing and shipping, including the most delicate food products such as blueberries, strawberries, so on.


We’re helping farmers around British Columbia and Washington (US) to find the best solutions for boxes to pack and ship their valuable food crops, at any size and any customized orders.


Blueberry Boxes in Vancouver B.C.


Racer Boxes can help you package your food products with safety and style. Our team is highly specialized and can help you to find the right solution for your business, encompassing durable boxes for everything from your agricultural produce or food supplies. Give us a call at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at to find the best food box solution to your business.

How to choose the right food box

As a wholesale boxes manufacturer in Vancouver, our team at Racer Boxes are well trained and prepared to provide the best solutions in compliance with all wholesales food boxes needs. To find the proper boxes to comply with your food business needs and regulations might be challenged. But at Racer Boxes, you are covered. 

Get a clear understand of your needs 

Before ordering your food boxes, make sure that you covered all your needs and regulations and laws requirements. This will save you time, money, and headaches regarding safety regulations. You want to make sure that the boxes you use to store your products keep them fresh and protected.

Finally, you should require for a box design that is suitable for your clients as well. Make your customers’ lives easy when open your products, is just as convenient and essential for you.

Choosing the right box packaging 

When choosing your food boxes, you also need to consider the nature of your products. Food varies from size and weight, which require specific boxes to package different types of produce, mainly in agriculture. 

Another point to consider is the quality of the package box due to transportation. Whether you are transporting your goods in the back of a truck or you are shipping with a third party partner, you need to make sure that all your products arrive safe and with minimal damage to the final customer. Thus, you need to figure out what kind of boxes works best for you, such as cardboard boxes, produce carton with die cuts holes, or agricultural produce cartons.


Leveraging your Brand


After considering all the hardpoints that might genuinely interfere with your food products, it’s time to think about your packaging style. The appearance of your package box in the food industry can be a great deal.


Offering a customized solution at an affordable price, Vancouver Boxes Manufacturer can provide the right solution for your business, printing, labeling, and customizing your boxes as your brand, setting you apart from competitors.


Racer Boxes can help you package your food products with safety and style. Our team is highly specialized and can help you to find the right solution for your business, encompassing durable boxes for everything from your agricultural produce or food supplies.


Give us a call at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at to find the best food box solution to your business.

Black Friday is gone, as well Cyber Monday and all the hustle of this time for businesses, mainly shipping their products to all different locations, is almost settled. However, many companies need to be well prepared to handle all the orders for the holidays.

As a Vancouver box manufacturer, we got you covered with all your cardboard boxes’ needs for your businesses. Racer Boxes has a variety of cardboard boxes that you can choose from accordingly to your packaging and shipping needs.

Not only you can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and folds; you can also customize your boxes. Our Richmond based manufacturing facility produces the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes with high definition printing services in-house. Therefore, you can rest assure that your cardboard box will be made with a precision cut for your specific measurements of size, depth, and the outstanding quality with strength and multiple uses.

Besides the size of your cardboard box, it is also possible to give more personality to your box and print your brand logo on them, which also increases brand recognition and customers’ favorable perception about your business. You can get colorful boxes with our in-house box printer. Most important, you can customize your boxes with our high-quality printing services, which is beneficial for packaging solutions, labeling, branding, and gift boxes.

As we know that this time of the year might be the busiest one for your businesses, we try to make your life easy when it comes to supply your operations to keep running and do not lose money and time. You can contact us through our email at, requesting a quote, or even making your order if you already know the model box you want.

Make sure to get ready and full supplied to handle all the holidays’ hustle. Contact our team today at (604) 270-8205 for all your wholesale custom cardboard box services in the Vancouver area.

The product itself should guarantee your sales business success, but the surroundings really matter and can influence your customer decision of buying or not your product. For example, your product packaging can make the whole difference to make a good product great. The reverse situation is also real. With holidays coming close, your business needs a great cardboard box to ensure a safe package to your products.

Vancouver Cardboard Box Manufacturers

To deliver an outstanding service to your customers, you need to ensure that your cardboard package is able to travel from point A to point B smoothly and with minimal damage as possible. As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes holds significant expertise in producing cardboard boxes to specific business’s needs. 

For example, to deliver your products safely, packaging that stacks well are the best solutions, such as corrugated box with a double rigid box which help to reduce damage during the transportation. This type of box is also well recommended for products a little heavier once this material provides excellent support, surviving a few knocks and bumps between being shipped and getting your customers’ houses. 

It’s also important to remember that when it comes to packaging and shipping, boxes size matters. Consider how you can be economical by having boxes in different sizes that fit precisely what your business sell. Thus, producing some customized boxes might also be a cost-effective strategy when it comes to shipping. 

Choosing the right packaging box for your product can be a tough and daunting decision. But the good news is that the team at Racer Boxes, a Vancouver box manufacturer, is highly specialized and prepared to offer a wide range of options to choose from accordingly to your needs. 

Racer Boxes – Vancouver Box Manufacturer

At Racer Boxes, you can count on a team of experts who will be pleased to go over the best options of customized boxes to your business. We work with businesses of all sizes to ensure a perfect and custom box as the perfect package for your products. Call us at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at

Holidays are right around the corner, and you should be prepared to boost your sales being well supplied with your cardboard boxes to package your products and timely ship to your clients. As a cardboard box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes knows that each business has it owns characteristics and needs; that is why we provide a wide range of boxes options.

Kelowna Wholesale Box Manufacturers

Many businesses are expanding their operations to eCommerce, offering products shipment for different locations in Canada. Racer Boxes offers packaging and box solutions for business in Kelowna, for example, bringing more flexibility and reliability to shipping their products.

To help you to choose the right cardboard box for your business, ordering two or three different sized Stock Carton Box can save you time and money in the long term and business planning. However, to optimize your business and give you more options to ship different sized products with a low-cost fee, mainly for the holiday season, choose customized boxes for packaging might be a cost-effective solution. A personalized box will ensure that your product is going to hold tight in one place and have proper protection surrounding it to get to the destination safe and sound.

Custom Cardboard Boxes Shipped To Kelowna

Moreover, you can take advantage of the customized box by placing your brand on the exterior of the box, creating branding exposure and recognition by your customers. More than placing your brand in customers’ minds, you increase the chances of repeated purchases, once they recognize your business and are proud to be a loyal customer. With loyalty, also come new sales, once your loyal customers might recommend your brand and products for their friends as well.

You can also leverage even more your branding awareness by adding your web address to your customized box in Kelowna. You will not only promote your brand reputation and exposure but also take the opportunity to share your eCommerce option as well.

Keep in mind when sending fragile items, your box is the great differential to ship your product safely. Wrapping items in loads of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and packing paper might help to keep your product safe during the haul to your customer. Make sure to pack in the best-sized box to avoid extra costs to shipping.

Kelowna Custom Boxes

At Racer Boxes, you can count on a team of experts who will be pleased to go over the best options of customized boxes for your business. Call us at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at

Victoria in BC is one of the most visited places in the province, attracting hundreds of people who go there to have a great time. By having such great tourism attractions, small businesses, and local producers can leverage this opportunity and enhance their sales spreading their local products along with the country or even overseas.


Order Corrugated Cardboard Boxes in Victoria

A customized corrugated cardboard box can make your business stand out from all the competitors and grab the attention and preference of your customers. As a box manufacturer in Victoria, BC, Racer Boxes offers customized solutions for packaging for each business. The custom cardboard boxes are precision cut for different sizes, depths, strengths, and uses, still being possible to have printed packages to highlight your brand.


We Deliver Cardboard Boxes To Victoria

Besides to offer different options of corrugated cardboard boxes in Victoria, Racer Boxes also produces eco-friendly packaging solutions, adding even more value to your brand by showing your responsibility with the environment and offering sustainable solutions for your product’s packaging. The corrugated boxes are not only recyclable, but they are also biodegradable, being a great solution to substitute plastic packaging which lasts for decades and is extremely hard to decompose in landfills.


Customized Corrugated Packaging Available Too!

Customized corrugated packaging is also great to match your brand design with your package, providing even more personality to your business, making it stand out in the crowd. A corrugated box is a lightweight choice that enables people to carry the package while the product is protected, safe from any harm or damage. Moreover, the customized box is also cost-effective to your business once you can produce the precis package suitable for your business needs.


Wholesale Box Manufacturer in Victoria – Racer Boxes

Being the wholesale box manufacturer option to Victoria, Racer Boxes can help your business to create an impressive package, providing you the competitive edge that your business needs to grab visitors’ attention and carry on your brand around the world.


Are you ready to bring your business to another level? Call us at (604) 270-8205 to find the best solution for your packaging, getting the highest quality cardboard boxes customized. You can also send us an email at

As a cardboard box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes knows the importance of the corrugated boxes in Calgary for every type of business. Corrugated boxes might be the best solution for packaging once the material is light, durable, convenient, versatile, and recyclable. However, the manufacturing of these boxes can be different, which requires attention from the buyers to choose the best choice for their business needs.


Corrugated Boxes in Calgary

Corrugated boxes are made of two sheets of Kraft liner paper which are separated by a fluted board layer. This extra layer is paramount to determine the carton’s strength and resistance. It is this specific fluted layer that differentiates the corrugated boxes. Thus, depending on the nature of your business, product characteristics, and shipping areas, your corrugated cardboard must be different from a single fluted layer or doubled.

The ridges in the middle section of the cardboard reinforce the box structure while still help to keep the box light, making it easy to manage and use these boxes. Therefore, corrugated cardboard is not only affordable to your business budget, but also light and reliable option to match the best qualifications to optimize your shipping charges (often determined by weight).


Calgary Wholesale Box Manufacturer

The single-layer box is the preferred choice of corrugated cardboard in Calgary for ecommerce and light product shipments. This option is affordable, providing small businesses an inexpensive alternative to stock up on shipping boxes. Moreover, the single-layer box manages temperatures variances preventing to affect the product. It also helps to protect your product from impact, once this board is quite rigid and strong.

For a business whose products are more fragile or need extra protection, the best option might be the double-layer corrugated cardboard. These corrugated boxes in Calgary are manufactured with two flute layers providing extra strength, protection, and durability to carry heavy loads. This cardboard box offers more safety to your shipping once its shock absorption and protection are higher than the single one.


Calgary Cardboard Box Manufacturer – Racer Boxes

Each business and product has its characteristics which makes so essential to consider your needs when it comes to packaging. At Racer Boxes, you can count on a team of experts who will be pleased to go over the best options of corrugated boxes for your business. Call us at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at

The impact that e-commerce businesses made in the way that people shop nowadays has been changing the way that companies communicate with their customers. In this way, the shipped package got the main role by being the first touch point of the brand with the customer.


As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Printing and Box is following this trend and seeing how the simple brown cardboard box is getting a great role of packaging by the business which perceived the opportunity of this underused marketing opportunity.


More than simple serve the need to protect products during the shipping process, cardboard box packaging has a great potential to cause a brand impact in your customer. A printed box with your company brand can create a memorable experience for your customers when they are unboxing the wished product that they are waiting for.


If you are online retail or even if your small business provides product shipment you know that you have fewer touch points with your customers to help to create brand experience, mainly when you compare this situation to physical retail.


Customers are all about experience, and a supportive customer service aligned with a great brand presence make the buying journey memorable and brand recognition for your company. That’s why it is important to dedicated attention to your marketing strategy and to understand the possible touch points that your brand can have with your customers to set your business apart from competitors.


When creating a brand experience, the most significant element to consider is the packaging. You can leverage the humble brown cardboard box to create a remarkable experience in the unboxing process by your customer through a personalized package. You can make your package to stand out by choosing specific measures and printing your brand logo, tag line, and any other visual element that might enhance your brand values to your customer.


Being the wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, Racer Boxes can help your brand to create a memorable unboxing experience, providing you the competitive edge that your business needs by not only getting loyal customers who will repeat purchases but also attracting new customers.


Start now to leverage your marketing strategy by reviewing your packaging and getting the highest quality cardboard boxes customized with your printed visual design calling to Racer Boxes at (604) 270-8205 or sending us an email to


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