When it comes to have the best cost benefit of packaging to stand out your small business of the crowd, the team at Racer Boxes knows your needs as a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver with many years in the industry.


With a variety of boxes models, Racer Box and printing manufacturing can support your business to strive by offering exceptional solutions for your companies’ needs including low, mid and high volume requirements and, most important, still keeping affordable prices and superior quality.


One great way to set your business apart from the competitors is through your packaging. To make sure to be remarkable and in mind and hearts of your customers, to leave a great impression is essential. You can do this with a printed stock cartons box, a great affordable solution which will allow your small business to even compete against the bigger budget rivals having a customized packaging.


A custom printed cardboard box can help your small business to build better brand awareness among your customers, make a great impression with your audience providing reliability to your business reputation, and effectively communicate with your customers about your brand and your values.


At Racer Boxes, you can completely customize your printed cardboard box. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of boxes that you can choose the best option that will suit your business and support your needs. It is possible to personalize your logo, choosing the color, image, and font that you want to print in the box.


If you want to go beyond and be more creative, you can also think about to customize the interior of the box. To enhance the experience of your customers, you can print small messages with graphics, and your logo inside the box, to communicate in a different and fun way with your customers.


Are you ready to set your business apart by getting colourful and meaningful customers experiences with a printed box? As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, we can help you to choose and make this impact, printing your boxes as you like. With a high quality printed box, you can ensure perfect packaging, labeling, branding, and customer satisfaction.


Start your business brand awareness and reputation by customizing your box printing with the highly qualified team at Racer Boxes. Call us to quote your project at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at

It is undoubtedly that cardboard boxes are the most efficient packaging material, mainly for shipping products. However, boxes can be better used, repurposing them. For example, shipped boxes can be used as a storage container to keep your personal belongings organized. But, if the box has no use for you, it is also possible to recycle it.

As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, Racer Boxes recognize that we need to take care of our environment and support sustainable attitudes to a better future. One of the biggest benefits of using cardboard boxes for shipping is that business can save money while avoiding more waste in landfills once these boxes can be recycled.



How to Prepare Your Stock Card Box for Recycling

Usually, alongside with the desired product, most of stock card boxes used for shipping contain items to protect the product such as bubble wraps, plastic bags, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam. It is possible to reuse all of these extra packing materials, mainly to help you to storage personal belongings. Another alternative is to reuse bubble wraps in your garden as a plant insulator. Or you can even donate the packing peanuts to a shipping store or exchange them in a store discount.


If none of these alternatives suits for you, you can recycle them to avoid polluting the environment. More than being a conscientious person, you are helping to decrease the waste in the landfills, by giving a proper destination to recycle them correctly.


The stock card box can be recycled by giving another purpose to it in your home. You can use as an organizer or even storage to keep your garage organized and clean. Kids also can enjoy shipping boxes, transforming them in a house, a car, a boat, and whatever their imagination creates. Finally, when the box is almost done, you can still give the right destiny by recycling it. Remember to remove tapes, staples, and any other fastener, and then, collapse the box.


Racer Boxes produces high-quality and personalized stock card box that perfectly suit to your business demand. Our team is highly skilled and can manufacture a great variety of boxes models to support clients’ needs. Get in touch with one of our members to find the best solution for your wholesale cardboard box needs in the Vancouver area. Call us at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email to

As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes holds great expertise in producing cardboard boxes. They are one of the core products of the packaging industry. But, do you know how it is possible to transform raw materials into amazing cardboard boxes that help you to package your products in your business?  Racer Boxes explains to you right now.

A cardboard box is the most common type of boxes for packaging. Due to its versatility, paperboard boxes are extremely used to protect and display products. This type of box is a stiff, strong, and light-weight material made up of layers of brown kraft paper. Racer Boxes prioritizes environmental-friendly cardboard boxes processes, preserving the environment by adopting sustainable methods and resources.


Cardboard Box Manufacturing Process

The process to manufacture a corrugated cardboard box starts with the pulping of wood in the kraft process. The first step of this process is getting tree trunks stripped and lumbered into small pieces. This raw material is put together in a big tank to go under a high-pressure and temperature mixed with a chemical solution to be cooked and blended. This stage might take several hours, finishing when the pressure is released and allows the wood pieces to explode like popcorn into masses of fiber.

The next stage is preparing the kraft paper to transform into boxes. A fun fact about the cardboard boxes manufacturing is that tree produces specific types of kraft paper for the cardboard boxes. For example, Scandinavian Spruce, Pine and Silver Birch fibers produce a dark brown color, however, in Brazil the use of Eucalyptus and Spruce are the most common, and they produce a light brown, whereas Chinese trees have a yellow color.

Finally, the kraft paper is processed in huge machines which make all the process to transform the paper into cardboard boxes. In this process, the rollers in the machines produce layers of cardboard and glued them to each other, making the corrugated edges. The very final stage is the process of trimming the cardboard and cutting into different sizes of box blanks to make the cardboard boxes in different sizes.

Now you know the magic behind each cardboard box. The team of Racer Boxes is highly skilled to manufacture high-quality boxes at any size to attend your business demands. Contact us at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at to get a quote.

As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing knows exactly what you need for boxes when you are moving. If you find yourself in this exact situation in looking for boxing up your household items, we can help you.

In this situation, a great option for your moving could be folding stock carton boxes once these boxes are lightweight and reusable, bringing many other benefits.

These boxes not only are lightweight but are easy to handle. During your packaging sessions to move from another home, you might find your boxes quite heavy due to all items that you put inside the box, so in this situation, you do not need extra weight to your journey. By choosing stock carton boxes you will have the freedom of loading and unloading your items in a versatile way, accordingly to your needs.

Different Sizes of Boxes in Vancouver

Another great advantage of using stock carton boxes to your moving is the variety of sizes that Racer Boxes can provide to you. Whether you need a stock carton box to pack large pieces of furniture or appliances or small pieces of decorative objects, you can feel relieved for having all options to accommodate your needs.

The stock carton boxes come in a variety of length, width, depth, and strength that might adjust to your moving packaging needs. In addition, you can feel confident with the packaging due to the high quality of the corrugated cardboard boxes.

Stock Carton Boxes are Affordable and Reusable

Moving is expensive, and you need to optimize your costs. As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, our company can provide affordable cardboard options for you and your budget.

By moving by yourself and counting with the help of some best friends and family, you can reuse your stock carton boxes as many times and trips as you need. Since these boxes are folded, you can simply fold them back and store in a minimal space before reusing them again.

You can count on Racer Boxes to choose the right stock carton boxes as your packing option to protect your personal items and transport them from one location to another with safety.


Racer Boxes team is highly skilled in producing all solutions of cardboard boxes in Vancouver. We offer flexible delivery options, affordable pricing, and superior quality. Want better options? Call us at (604) 270-8205 or email us


Nowadays, e-commerce activities expanded greatly and online retailing business is increasing in the preference of customers. In this activity, the online business concern is to ensure that the products will reach customers intact, with no damage. As a wholesale box manufacture in Vancouver, our team has the best solutions that suit perfectly to your business needs.

One of the most sensitive parts of online e-commerce is shipping. To make your business respected and the brand preference of your customers is to ensure that the shipping packages come to your customers in a safe way is crucial. Moreover, the safe shipping minimizes returns of products which certainly impacts the profits of your business.

In addition to the safety of your product during the delivery, the right cardboard shipping boxes can create a lasting impression on your customers if you decide to personalize your package. By getting the right quality, model, and size of your shipping box, you can provide a great impression and increase your chances in becoming the preferred brand of your customers.


Custom Box Shipping and Printing in Vancouver

For shipping goods, the most common model of cardboard box is the corrugated box. This kind of box is widely used and most recommended due to its advantages such as lightweight, resistance, and variety of sizes. These advantages are important to reduce your costs without giving away the quality and safety of your delivery.

At Racer Boxes, we are able to manufacture different sizes and formats of boxes with high-precision and quality. You can count on us to deliver custom box designs and box printing to suit your specific business needs.

With a custom box printing in Vancouver, your business can stand apart of the crowd with a unique visual. By printing your business logo, slogan or any other art that might suit to your e-commerce business, you can make a great impression to your customers by increasing your brand awareness and customers’ retention.

Racer Boxes team is highly skilled in producing all solutions of cardboard boxes in Vancouver. We offer flexible delivery options, affordable pricing, and superior quality. Want more options? Call us at (604) 270-8205 or email us


As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes creates customized wholesale boxes for businesses across the lower mainland. Choosing the right boxes for packaging is quite a challenging time for owners. To align style, specific dimensions, and price might be time-consuming and a daunting task.


Ordering the wrong packaging box can lead to a waste of money, and time while your business might lose sales due to this avoidable mistake. One question that might appears when deciding for which packaging box to order is which model to choose.


We from Racer Boxes make and sell cardboard boxes of all types and sizes to help your business. Let’s take a closer look at some packaging boxes to help you to determine which one is the best fit for your business’ needs.


Stock Cartons

Stock Cartons are the most common boxes used largely for several companies. We can offer this type of box with a single wall corrugated glued carton. To bring more personality to your package, you can customize the size of the box and printing, providing a great branding recognition of your business to your customers.


Food Boxes from Vancouver Box Manufacturer

Even your small business deserves high-quality branding and professionalism. Food boxes might be a great media for your own business if you use wisely.


Racer Boxes is an industry leader in wholesale box manufacturing and box printing. Our high precision quality and service flexibility ensure that we have you covered for all your custom box needs. You can personalize your boxes as product model, delivery model, bakers, or even agricultural produce boxes.


Plants Display Holder

Even if your business needs some very specific cardboard display boxes, Racer Boxes has a solution for you. You can count on us to produce potted plants display holder with 4 or 6 holes, in the size that might suit better for you.


It is also possible to have a custom cardboard floral tray, with your personalized printing to enhance your company branding.


Don’t be afraid to order your packaging box. You can get the right packaging aligned with your branding and product features.


To learn more about wholesale box orders or custom box printing in Vancouver, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270–8205 or




Cardboard packaging is no longer only a piece of paper to hold a product. Cardboard packaging is a great media to enhance your brand and build a strong and memorable relationship between your business and your customers. As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes creates customized wholesale boxes for businesses across the lower mainland.


Stock Carton Boxes – Vancouver Box Manufacturer

Stock cartons boxes are ranked as the top shipment packaging of choice for small and large businesses. This is due to the great features of this model being durable, light, and usually inexpensive to acquire. Another advantage is the possibility to personalize the sizes that fit better for your business’ needs.


Due to these incredible features, it is possible to leverage your company marketing strategy by using the cardboard box as a media to highlight your brand. Racer Boxes can easily customize your cardboard box order with your business’ logo and messaging, in an affordable and effective way.


By leveraging your shipment box with printing your brand and message, your company incorporates this asset in the marketing toolkit, transforming a simple box in a media that demonstrate value and respect to your customers.


When your customer receives your shipment in a nice and neat cardboard box, immediately your company shows how serious, responsible and mindful with your valuable customers. The personalized box creates a great impression on your customer, grabbing his attention and consideration.


Vancouver Custom Stock Carton Boxes Manufacturer

Choose wisely and don’t waste time, money and opportunity to leverage your business. Customized stock cartons boxes are an affordable and easy choice for your business. As a Vancouver wholesale box manufacturer, we can help you to build and print the boxes to get your goods delivered with style. You have a range of options to customize box sizes and print with suitable brand imagery.


For different models of cardboard boxes, Racer Boxes can provide solutions to leverage your merchandise in an affordable investment. Learn how by calling (604) 270-8205 or email




Vancouver Wholesale Box Manufacturer

As a wholesale box retailer in Vancouver, everyone at Racer Boxes understands the business of, well—business. When a package arrives from a small business, it’s got to look outstanding. The product is always the star, but the box is part of the experience. Even if a customer only pays attention for a moment, great packaging can be a powerful and profitable brand ambassador. That’s why Racer Boxes has put together three easy (and affordable) tips to beef-up brand impact.

First off, consider the humble insert. As a time-tested methodology, inserts can result in bigger order sizes, more word-of-mouth advertising, higher customer retention and more. Even better, they don’t have to be expensive. It could be as simple as a modified version of a business card or a postcard. Handwritten notes are always a terrific option with big impact, although high shipping volumes might merit a copy of a note. Promotional codes and special offers are also possibilities that could potentially encourage repeat business.

Custom Box Printing in Vancouver

Box art is another way to stand apart from the crowd. Custom box printing in Vancouver is a gorgeous option offered by Racer Boxes to businesses who want to create a unique visual experience for customers and users. Perfect for packaging, labelling, branding, displays, gift boxes, and more, box art can feature logos, inspirational messages, slogans, and much more.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative. For example, if a business is strongly associated with a specific colour, add a little of said coloured tissue inside the box. Try opting for a non-standard packing material that fits a product or company’s theme: straw, aluminum foil, floral wallpaper, wool—the possibilities are endless.

Adding a little effort to packaging can go a long way towards making a brand or business more memorable to consumers. And that can add up to a lot of new and repeat business. Just remember, it’s important to think outside the box before putting anything in it.

To learn more about wholesale box orders or custom box printing in Vancouver, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270–8205 or

Even as a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing recognizes that we’ve only got one home. As online shopping continues to ramp up, more and more consumers are wondering if anything that can be done to reduce the waste. And good news—there is! Below are a few suggestions that will help reduce the impact of shipping on the environment—and maybe save you a few bucks, too!

Tips on How To Help Reduce The Impact Of Packaging Waste

As simple as it seems, the first step is simply to reduce and reuse. Buy less or consider second-hand choices. Thrift shops are an excellent place to find all sorts of goods that don’t come in packaging. With the Kondo craze for cleaning out spaces, many thrift stores have become a treasure trove of appliances and knick-knacks just waiting for a new home.

We all know that online shopping has never been easier thanks to the meteoric rise of Amazon, but the result has been an environmental nightmare. While many organizations are now taking steps to ensure clients don’t end up with tiny items delivered in big boxes with tons of packaging, there’s a lot that can be done as a consumer.

For example, when buying multiple items from a single vendor, request that all goods are shipped together. It might mean delivery is delayed by a day or two while resellers compile the order, but the net result is less garbage for you—and less waste in the environment. Some savvy businesses are even offering discounts or perks to customers who request this option.

Amazon recently took a significant step forward by allowing Prime members to designate a day of the week to have orders delivered. This allows the online magnate to reduce waste and packaging by grouping shipping orders together. It’s an admirable move and especially sensible for routine shoppers who make purchases two or three times a week.

Finally, remember to recycle everything that can be. Recycling reduces the need to harvest new material from the environment. In the case of boxes—this means fewer trees need to be cut, emissions from transportation and shipping are reduced, and less garbage in the landfill. Amazon has guidelines on their recycling page regarding which part of bags and mailers can be recycled and what needs to be thrown away.

Box Manufacturer Company In Vancouver

As a box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes believes that good business can still be good for the planet. With a little diligence and effort, it’s possible to bring modern trends in line with environmentally friendly practices—and that means a better future for everyone.

Racer Boxes offers Stock Cartons, Small Die Cut Boxes, Bakers Boxes, and Delivery Boxes at wholesale prices in Vancouver. By providing a wide variety of standard and customizable box sizes, we help businesses trim wastes and postage fees.

To learn more, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270-8205 or email

As a manufacturer of wholesale boxes in Vancouver, the team members at Racer Boxes is all about recycling. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of using wholesale cardboard boxes for shipping is that businesses can save money while still operating a modern, healthy, and environmentally sound business. However, there are some boxes that shouldn’t be recycled. In this case, we’re talking about the ubiquitous pizza box.

Pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet. As the material most often used for food delivery, however, its ability to be recycled depends on the condition of the box after the customer is done using it. In the case of pizza, the grease and leftover toppings potentially stuck to the box not only can’t be recycled, it can contaminate other cardboard and paper pulp if it slips through.

According to Stanford University, “once soiled, the paper cannot be recycled because the paper fibres will not be able to be separated from the oils during the pulping process. Food is a major source of contamination in paper recycling.” While a few crumbs won’t ruin a pizza box’s recyclability, once the grease sets in, its recycling days are done.

For those concerned about the environment, there are some ways to salvage part or even all of a pizza box. For example, if the top half isn’t greasy, it can be ripped off and recycled. Or people can compost the box instead of sending it to the landfill. The bottom line for pizza boxes, when in doubt, throw it out—just not in the recycling bin. Just one greasy box can ruin an entire batch of paper recycling.

Racer Boxes produces high-quality cardboard boxes and box printing, including wholesale food boxes for produce, deliver, bakeries, and more. Contact us today for your wholesale cardboard box service needs in the Vancouver area, and ask about our products and delivery options. Call (604) 270–8205 or email


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