The terms “ecological” and “green” are not new when it comes to sustainable packaging. In fact, over the past 10 years, the entire supply chain has been demanding environmentally friendly packaging with a minimalist design. Why? Because minimalist packaging has proven to have a huge influence on consumers’ purchasing choices.

A survey on sustainable packaging conducted annually by Packaging Digest and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition reveals that 92% of consumers consider minimalist, ecological or biodegradable packaging to be important. The study also indicates that 74% of entrepreneurs emphasize the use of recycled materials in the production of sustainable packaging. So, if you are looking for packaging for your company, take this data into account and check out the tips below.

What is the ideal cardboard box material?

Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials on the packaging market. Compared to plastic, cardboard packaging is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable. In other words, it causes little damage to the environment and can be reused and reused. Unlike plastic, bottles, cans or styrofoam, cardboard and kraft paper can be produced and recycled without the use of many harmful chemicals. Prefer to use plastic (such as bubble wrap) only for very fragile items.

Other cardboard box advantages

Cardboard boxes also offer a number of other advantages that can result in greater profitability for your company. In addition to being cheaper, they also offer a number of customization possibilities. You can purchase packages of the appropriate size for your product and which still include details related to your brand or even printed instructions for use (thus saving on printing other printed materials, such as explanatory brochures).

The boxes are also very light, take up little space (since they come disassembled) and are suitable for an incredible variety of products – from fruits and vegetables to fragile objects. It is exactly this type of product that Racer Boxes offers – if your company needs cardboard boxes suited to your needs in Canada, please talk to us and we can help you in this area.

Decorative objects such as paintings, posters and illustrations are among those that consumers buy a lot online. And for the posters to arrive intact until their final destination, it is necessary to use packages of adequate size and indicated for fragile products. However, what is the best way to pack a painting that has a frame, engraving and glass? In this blog post, we will see some tips to ensure that the frames arrive at their destination undamaged and protected by cardboard packaging for high quality fragile products.

Cardboard boxes for paintings

The first thing that any company needs to do is make sure it has the right types of cardboard packaging for the pictures it sells. In this case, they can be framed and with a glass on top or even just posters or illustrations without a frame.

That is, do a test with all product sizes sold. For posters with frames, wrap them in bubble wrap or brown paper to be able to measure the size that the packages will need to be. The boxes must be the exact size, that is, the product must fit without leftovers and not be tight. As for the posters, the most used packaging is in the shape of a tube made of a thicker material, which does not crumple.

After that, you are likely to need custom-sized boxes that meet your needs. Companies that decide to use properly sized boxes consult specialists in creating solutions in this area, such as Racer Boxes. So, if you want to get customized packaging for your business in Canada, ask us for a free quote

Other care using cardboard boxes

To send pictures with glass, remember to cover it with a layer of masking tape – so even if it breaks in transport, the shards will not spread. But avoid high-adhesion tapes as the glue can be difficult to remove afterwards. Take care that the tape is only on the glass and not on the frame, so that it does not damage it.

Then pack the board in brown paper or bubble wrap (or both) and use cardboard angles to protect the corners. Place the board in the box and, if there is any space left, fill it with more plastic or paper. Finally, close the box with tape. And that ‘s it!

The right choice of packaging for e-commerce plays a strategic role in reducing costs and the customer experience. Much more than protecting goods for transportation, packaging influences the logistics and revenue of your virtual store. In this article, we will talk about the influence of the right packaging for closing orders and building customer loyalty. See how to choose the best options for your online store.

Choose the ideal box material

Cardboard is the most recommended and used material for shipping orders. This material protects the merchandise from possible impacts, water and damage. It can be found in different thicknesses and types of kernels:

* Ordinary cardboard: it is the simplest and cheapest. It has only one wave layer between the layers and is recommended for light products;

* Double-walled cardboard: it is more reinforced than the first. It has two layers of waves between the cardboard layers. It is recommended for sending fragile or heavier products;

* Triple wave cardboard (tri-wall): it is the most resistant of all. There are three layers of waves between the walls. Protects heavier products, such as furniture and large appliances.

In addition, it is possible to find customized models according to the needs of each company.

Weights and Measures

Another point that influences the choice of the right packaging is the measurements and the weight of the products that will be sent. Stores that work with the sale of multiple products, should have a range of options that meet all your shipping needs.

In the case of stores that work with products that follow a pattern of weight and size, as is the case with perfumes and cosmetics, one must invest in specific models.


Personalization is essential, as it directly interferes with the customer’s shopping experience. A personalized packaging gives more value to the product, conveys the concern and care that the brand took in taking care of all stages of the process.


Speaking of caution, the way items are packed and added to boxes also influences the customer’s perception of value. The products must be carefully packed, using bubble wrap, kraft paper or other materials that guarantee their protection.

Canada Box Manufacturer

The Racer Box is a Canada box manufacturer that can help you with the demands of your company. If you need boxes, contact us and ask for a free quote.

That buying at wholesale is the best option for those who have a business, nobody doubts: the possibility of buying in large volume means that unit prices fall, generating savings and opportunity for profit. And it is obvious that this is also true for the packaging sector – check below 5 advantages of buying directly from a wholesale box manufacturer.

5 advantages of buying directly from a wholesale box manufacturer

  1. Possibility to buy online

One of the advantages of buying wholesale is that many companies already operate through e-commerce, so that you only need to access the website, select the products and make the payment online – a process that is totally secure.

The selected products will be packaged and sent directly to your company address. So you don’t have to spend time or gas to search for the products that your business needs. You can also buy wholesale at any time of the day or night.

  1. Variety of brands and types

A wholesaler always offers a greater variety of products. That is, you can find exactly the type of product you are looking for and that is ideal for your business, instead of being content with what is available.

At Racer Boxes, for example, you will find a wide range of carton boxes, small boxes, garment boxes, custom boxes and others – in addition to having custom printing available as well.

  1. Friendly payment options

The wholesaler knows that its customers are, in the great majority, other companies. For this reason, he/she adopts more friendly payment terms to help the entrepreneur to buy in larger quantities and to make better use of shipping fees.

  1. Possibility to buy less often

When you buy wholesale, you can purchase larger quantities of products, which will keep your company supplied for longer. In addition, you will probably find everything you need at once.

This means that you won’t have to make multiple purchases in the month to replenish items that have run out or that you haven’t found in previous times. Why is this relevant? When buying at wholesale you need to shop less, so you save time. In addition, the big difference here is that inventory management is simpler and more assertive.

  1. Loyalty programs

More and more wholesale companies are adopting customer loyalty programs, also known as “benefit clubs”, which aim to encourage customers to buy from them more often. Like giving discounts after a specific number of purchases, for example. This brings advantages to both, as the customer is able to save money and the company is able to retain more customers.

Now that you know the advantages of buying wholesale (which go beyond the obvious), it’s time to choose the ideal partner to meet your company’s needs. If you need wholesale boxes in the British Columbia region, request a free quote from Races Boxes and maybe we can work together.

Working on environmental issues can be important for a company for several reasons. Sustainable packaging is not just a way for you to agree with something you believe in and that will contribute to the future of the planet. It is also a solution that meets the new consumer behavior, increasingly aware and updated in relation to environmental agendas.

In addition, it must be said that environmentally friendly solutions are not always the most expensive. On the contrary, they are technologies that have a tendency to achieve the same production cost as the others or even optimize them, increasing profitability.

A conscious company, which is oriented towards cleaner production processes, certainly stands out and has a strong argument to gain supporters: it is a business that is on the side of the consumer when it comes to the fight for a better world.

Why use sustainable packaging?

  • Environmental education: today, a portion of consumers are already aware of environmental issues. On the other hand, there is an ever growing group of people who are still looking for information to understand how to live more sustainably. When a company positions itself as a friend and is willing to bring relevant information and consistency in what it does, this increases the brand appreciation.
  • Recycling: an important issue that should be considered today by companies that sell online is what should be done with the product packaging. By choosing packaging that can be more easily recycled, such as cardboard instead of plastic, you reduce the impact of this sale. This goes for both the outer packaging (the box) and the inner one, when necessary.
  • Economy: do you sell a type of product that is accompanied by an instruction leaflet or some other printed material? In this case, you can consider personalized boxes with instructions printed directly on the inside of the cardboard. In this way, you reaffirm your position in favor of the environment (communicate this on the packaging too! Talk about the reasons for your choice), reinforce your brand positioning, generate less waste and save on prints.

In summary, sustainable packaging is a fundamental trend that companies can use to add value to their products in a simple way. As you have seen, the supplier is a key partner in this strategy, ensuring that the brand really complies with what it is proposing: quality and safety for the consumer and attitudes consistent with an environmentally responsible discourse.

Canada Box Manufacturer – Racer Boxes

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The year of 2020 was unlike anything the food service and delivery sector has experienced in recent years. If the delivery of ready-to-eat meals, direct from restaurants, had been growing in recent years, in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this trend has intensified. And more: supermarkets, flower shops, pet supply stores, pharmacies and other companies that were not used to selling online, are now selling. This is a behavior that is here to stay, as many people have already incorporated this habit into their daily lives. Thus, the scenario for 2021 has been outlined, with the following trends:

Big tech companies thinking about delivery

According to a survey by the Israeli logistics company Bringg, we will increasingly see delivery tools incorporated into search engines and maps. Soon, restaurants, grocery stores and other companies will have their ordering system unified and will be able to receive orders via apps, Google, Google Maps, Uber Eats and others, all together. This is a feature that Google launched in 2019, but its use is expected to grow and solidify in the coming years.

Groceries delivery

Online grocery shopping has also intensified and should continue on this path for years to come. In the United States, according to a survey released by Business Insider, the percentage of Americans who had made any online purchase in a grocery store in 2019 was 24% – that number reached 51% at the end of 2020.

Because of this, chains should also start opening dark supermarkets, which would work in the same way as dark kitchens (establishments that only deliver meals via apps, without a physical place to eat). Dark supermarkets would be places designed to optimize delivery to customers who buy online and also for the “buy online, pickup in store” system.

Purchase subscriptions

Another trend that has been growing is the subscription of products that consumers buy on regular frequencies. Such as medicines, pet supplies, beverages, frozen meals and others. Basically, they are subscriptions in which the customer pays a monthly amount to always receive the same product, of the same brand and in the same quantity, monthly or weekly at home.

Local shopping

If a few years ago consumers bought online to get a product that was only available in another state or even country, today that scenario has changed. More and more consumers buy from your local bakery, pharmacy, bookstore or grocery store, the ones that are close to their home, and ask for delivery to save time.

All of this only sums up what we said at the beginning of this article: online shopping has definitely entered the lives of consumers and delivery is no longer just for ready-made restaurants or the Saturday night pizza. So if your company could be selling online and delivering your product to customers but you still don’t – rethink your sales strategy to include this model.

And in addition to just selling and sending a product to the customer’s home, you need to think about how that product will get there. That is, it must be accommodated in a suitable packaging so that the integrity of the product is maintained. If you intend to start making deliveries or want to optimize your existing service in the Vancouver area, contact us for a personalized box quote.

Racer Boxes – Canada’s Box Manufacturer

Whichever are your business needs, we from Racer Boxes are ready to provide the best boxes solutions. Contact our team at 604-270-8205 or for a free estimate.

Whether you are in a brick and mortar retail or striving in an e-commerce, to ensure your business’s success in Vancouver, it is crucial to secure a cost-effective wholesale box manufacturer to offer you the best cardboard supply for your demands.

Regardless if you are buying in bulk to secure wholesale prices or small batches, your business product boxes need to be able to:

  • Keep your product safe from any external hazardous.
  • Ensure the safe shipping of your product.
  • Leverage your branding with your customers.

Besides these requirements, you should be able to make the most of wholesale boxes’ advantages, including ensuring a great cost-effective deal with a high qualified box manufacturer.

Wholesale Boxes

To ensure your products’ safe transportation to your clients – a warehouse, wholesaler, distributor, or final consumer, a reliable wholesale box makes all the difference. Ensuring the right cardboard box, you can avoid all the hustle of rough drivers, weather conditions, and careless delivery and keep your product safe and sound to the final destination.

Having the right size box to fit your product better is another step to ensure your products’ safe shipping. Choosing custom wholesale cardboard boxes for your business allows you to have the right size, depth, strength, and proper user of your packages, meeting all your needs.

You can also leverage your marketing efforts by customizing your packaging with your brand, choosing the design, number of colours, and size. Having your brand stamped in your wholesale boxes helps to build trust and credibility with your customers.

Whichever are your business needs, we from Racer Boxes are ready to provide the best wholesale boxes solutions. We are the industry leader in wholesale box manufacturing and box printing for the Vancouver Area. Contact our team at 604-270-8205 or for a free estimate.

Regardless of your variety of products or shipping regions your business offers, you will need to ensure your goods’ quality to the final consumers. There is no better to guarantee this safety through wholesale cardboard boxes.

Find out three advantages that Racer Boxes offers at its wholesale cardboard boxes for Vancouver businesses.

1. Protection

The wholesale cardboard boxes are made of a thick layer of material to protect the products stored inside. The main point here is to find the most suitable size for your business goods to properly fit them in the boxes and enhance safety by avoiding any impact of losing products inside the box during the shipping. Paying attention to these details, your products will safely endure long distances without any damages. 

2. Wholesale Cardboard with your Brand

You know your business’s value and how much you put effort into making it outstand from the crowd. You should leverage your brand, taking every good opportunity, and customizing your wholesale cardboard packaging should be one. You can choose the size, coloring options, and graphic design to incorporate into your packaging.

3. Cost-Effective

Buying your wholesale cardboard boxes for your business should be a cost-effective investment, and purchase bulk quantities to align customer demands and cost savings. Wholesale cardboard boxes are an excellent cost-benefit due to their beneficial resource, price, and manufacturing process.

For your next wholesale cardboard boxes demand, contact Racer Boxes in Vancouver, the cardboard box producer serving British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State, US. With our experience, we deliver top quality corrugated cardboard boxes meeting your business need.

Contact us at 604-270-8205 or for a free estimate.

Working with manufactured products or retail, packaging quality is one of the essential things in your business. Whether your business distributes your products to local retails or shipping them directly to your customers, the box you choose matters greatly to your business reputation and customer satisfaction.

A popular choice for packaging is the corrugated cardboard boxes due to their affordability, durability, and reliability, bringing the cost-benefit equation very positive for retail and manufacturing businesses. Following, you can find three advantages of choosing corrugated cardboard and how to create custom cardboard boxes for your business.

Product Safety

Choosing the right box for shipping your product is the foremost thing to protect your product from a potentially bumpy ride. Custom cardboard packaging will protect your products and ensure safe travel to the final destination, avoiding damages against shocks, vibrations, and bumps.

The thick and durable qualities of a cardboard box provide resistant outer protection, while customized fit and size ensure your products stay put inside, with minimal movement inside the packaging.

Customize Size and Shape

As an experienced box producer serving British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State, US, Racer Boxes can provide the best solution for your packaging needs, including customized cardboard boxes to fit your products. Standardized boxes will likely not fit your product perfectly, giving it room to move inside and increase the chances of damaging the product.

You can easily solve this issue by choosing custom printed cardboard boxes to control the size, shape and materials used for your boxes.


Cardboard boxes are among the most cost-effective packaging options. The materials to manufacture these boxes allow an affordable price being a great budget-friendly option for your business. Moreover, the lightweight characteristic of these boxes allows your business to save on shipping costs.

Are you ready to make your next cardboard box purchase? Racer Boxes is prepared to handle it, providing you the most cost-effective box purchase for your business in Canada and the USA. Contact our team now at 604-270-8205 or to find the best customized cardboard boxes for your business

Shipping products is one of the most common activity for many businesses. This year, online sales skyrocketed, pushing many businesses to sell even more and shipping their products to their customers to keep them alive. One of the most important things in the shipping process is the box’s quality to protect your good and ensure a safe journey to your customer.

Besides the quality of the packaging to ensure your product’s safety, take advantage of this process is to customize your shipping boxes, enhance your business recognition for your customer, and increase your reputation and future sales.

Check what you need to make custom boxes for shipping your products and enhancing your business credibility.

1. Find out your business need

Choosing your box style might be quite overwhelming, but it is not that hard, mainly because you know your products and business better than anyone and keep this in mind.

Think of your product’s characteristics, size, and weight. Also, take a look at your customers’ attributes, like where they are located. This will help you figure out the size of your boxes, quality of material, ergonomic boxes while they need to be glued, stapled, or covered to shipping.

2. Determine the strength of the box

Same with the size, box strength should be determined by your product characteristics to be shipped. The heavier or more fragile the shipped items are, the stronger and protective box you should consider. Some options regarding the strength are standard, strong, or extra strong with double walls.

3. Decide on printing boxes

When choosing your customized shipping box, choosing your printing is another decision point. Custom printing provides you a variety of color choices to print your logo, how many faces of the package you want to print, and your logo size printed.

After considering all these options and deciding on your customized shipping box, you are ready to get in touch with your high qualified box manufacturer team in Vancouver.

At Racer Boxes, we are ready to manufacture your customized box at any time. Contact our team now at 604-270-8205 or to find the best customized packaging for your business.

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