Your packaging is the first contact with your customers, and it can significantly help in the first impression and settings of your customer relationship. Your customer journey experience with your business encompasses the packaging choice once it can convey the right impression and the right message about your brand.

Some characteristics are essential when it comes to choosing your product packaging. Take a look at a few of them:

Quality of the Box

When it comes to shipping your products, you need to make sure that your product will reach your customer safe and sound. For your shipping mission to be accomplished with success, having a rigid box that will protect your products is essential.

To choose the right box for your products, consider the product’s weight, size, and fragility. This will help you find the customized box for your product, ensuring safe shipping and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the Product Safety

Besides the box’s quality, another essential element is the filling to protect your product during the shipping. Each product requires different fillings to protect it, such as bubble wrap, polyethylene foam, or even shredded paper filler.

Knowing the characteristics of your product and the shipping method will help you decide which filler will suit your business better. Taking into consideration the ones that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly is a right call.

Leverage your Branding

Your boxes can be more than just a package to hold your products. It is an opportunity to leverage your branding strategy by using this object as one more place to reinforce your business. Customizable box design and print can stand you from the competitors and grant you customers’ preference by feeling confident and secure about getting the best product with a good experience.

To improve your customer experience, choosing the right box dimensions and quality to protect your products while it is attractive, speaks about your brand and stand out from the competitors is fundamental.

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Your product packaging is your customers’ first impression with your brand, mainly with the e-commerce habit increasing this year with the pandemic and all its restrictions. The attractive, resistant, and secure package ensures your customers’ perception about your company, increasing the chances to retain them, and even increasing your customer poll.

To count on a reliable and experienced wholesale box manufacturer is the first step to ensure your business success. To choose your partner to provide to your business the best boxes solutions to accommodate your needs is the key to optimize your supply chain and increase your results.

Following, you can check some important considerations that you can make before choosing your packaging supplier in Vancouver.

Variety of Boxes and Service Options

The factor that differentiates your box supplier is the capacity that they must attend your business needs. Your business probably demands different boxes sizes, models, and materials to accommodate your products or shipping needs.

Preferable, your box manufacturer should even offer a customizable box with the exact dimensions you need. It is also a great differentiator if the same box supplier could provide you with the option of customizing printing as it provides more personality, and increasing your brand awareness through your package.

Customer Service

Humans run businesses so naturally we will always opt for a company or service that can hold us accountable and provides a reliable and respectful relationship. As your box supplier, you should choose a company with excellent customer service. Get back to your inquiries timely and effectively, and offer the best solutions for your demand.

You will feel more confident doing business with a box manufacturer that can provide you the confidence to choose the best packaging solution to your business, making an assertive analysis based on years of experience and qualified expertise.

When you feel ready, rest assured that our boxes experts are available to help your business find the best packaging solutions. We are committed to offering a high-quality service and timely, helping our customers in British Columbia and Washington US with the best packaging solutions.

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There is no question that your product is the soul of your business success. The quality of your product is the key to ensure repeat sales, positive reviews, and new leads. However, the packaging can also support your sales by influencing first impressions. As online commerce increases rapidly and people get more comfortable and confident buying online, the package that you ship your product might help your business impression on customers.

As an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer in Canada and the USA, Racer Boxes is ready to help you find the best cardboard corrugated box to suit your products.

Customizable Boxes

When it comes to your products’ dimensions, there is considerable flexibility to create your packaging. You can have custom cardboard corrugated boxes that suit the shape of your best selling products. By having boxes fitting your products, you can save money in the filling material while enhancing your product’s security during the shipping, increasing the measures to ensure your product will reach out to your customer safe and sound.

It is still possible to further customize your packaging with your brand and colors. You can customize your boxes even more with our high-quality printing services, which are perfect for packaging, labeling, branding, displays, and gift boxes. You can change your package accordingly with your business promotion strategies.

Why Choose Corrugated Boxes?

The corrugated cardboard boxes are the ideal option for product packaging due to its characteristics ensuring more resistance and security to your product during the shipping. Moreover, this type of box is lightweight, easy to transport, and saves costs with transportation fees.

In Canada or the USA, you can count on our expertise over many years of manufacturing high-quality boxes. Contact our team at Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to find the best box solution for your business.

Each business has different needs to supply its demands. Retail business, for example, has different packaging needs compared to manufacturers and wholesalers, being more interested in packaging solutions that can accommodate bulk deliveries.

For their specific needs, retail businesses might find it challenging to find a reliable box manufacturer with vast experience to meet their needs. Also, they require a packaging supplier that can work with them in finding the best packaging solution for their deliveries.

Following, you can check some tips to help you to find the right packaging supplier for your business.

Check the experience and packaging material

To supply different box demands, it is paramount to have a box manufacturer with considerable experience in this business, being well prepared to support your business demands. Also, check out the options that they offer to manufacture cardboard boxes.

The quality of the material that manufacture the boxes is also a differentiation to choose your packaging supplier. It is essential to understand your business needs to figure out the best box solution for your products. For example, cardboard is usually the go-to option for many companies due to the reliability of this material and customization possibility that it offers.

Choosing a wholesale box manufacturer and box printer that is well prepared and can offer you customized solutions for your shipping boxes might be an excellent call to match your budget and business needs.

Look for Bulk Deals

Pick a packaging supplier that can offer you bulk deals to save you money in the long run. Usually, small orders incur higher rates. Look for a box supplier that can provide your business a great deal in a more significant purchase. Knowing your best seller product and planning your sales pushes throughout the year can help define a customized box specifically for your business and allow you to buy it in bulk.

Bulk purchases are usually cheaper and a great solution for your business to ship your products at any time, never losing a single sale for not being able to package and ship it.

Box Manufacturer in Canada and the USA

In Canada or the USA, you can count on Racer Boxes, an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer, to provide your business with the best box solutions for your shipping products. Contact our team at Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or

Sustainable businesses are mandatory in the economy of today. Customers, vendors, clients, and most of the supply chain are aware and making changes to adapt their business for more sustainable strategies to preserve the environment for future generations.

To have an environmentally friendly box is part of business strategies, and we from Racer Boxes, an experienced box manufacturer in Vancouver, are ready to support your business to step up and adopt sustainable resources for your business, such as the cardboard boxes.

Cardboard is the Best Sustainable Option

The primary source of cardboard boxes are wood, and most of this source comes from managed forests which are sustainable practices in the industry. When you choose a cardboard box for your business, you are also opting for a sustainable resource that contributes to reducing carbon emissions and improves the protection of old-growth forests.

Moreover, cardboard boxes are biodegradable, which contributes to the decomposition of it when disposed of properly.

Cardboard is Recyclable

As we mentioned, cardboard boxes are biodegradable, making it relatively easy to recycle when disposed of properly. When you choose a cardboard box as your packaging alternative for your business, you choose an eco-friendly custom box.

The cardboard composition is comparatively easy to recycle. A large number of the basic corrugated cardboard boxes in use nowadays are manufactured from mostly recycled paper and cardboard materials.

Recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to produce new boxes, as it also saves space in landfills. Moreover, if the cardboard is recycled in the same location that you have your business and you buy from the box manufacturer, your business also reduces the energy consumed from transportation.

Finally, cardboard boxes also can be reusable, avoiding the waste of single-use products. The boxes’ structures are well developed, and if the previous use was a regular one, the cardboard box might be in good shape to be reused or repurposed. Also, it is easy to manage and dismantle it, being easy to store in any place, saving space until the next use.

Is your business ready for sustainable market demands? You can count on Racer Boxes, an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer in Vancouver, to provide to your business the best boxes solutions.

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To find the perfect box for your product might sound quite impossible because of the high costs you may incur. However, custom boxes are a great way for your business to save money in shipping, and in the advertisement, once you can also use your box to print your company logo, tagline, and any other company information that you want.

Safety in Your Shipping

When you opt for customized boxes for your business, you are also choosing for the safety of your products during the shipping. You can order the boxes to fit your products in a manner to avoid extra space that you will need to fill with foam to prevent damaging it. Also, a custom box is a good option for perishable products, ensuring safe transportation to the final destination.

Confidence for your Customers

The market is fierce for any industry, and every way that you can stand out to the crowd to get more customers is essential. By customizing your boxes, your business already stands out from many others, showing professionalism and good structure to your customer.

By having your brand logo in a customized box, your clients will feel more confident in buying your products, even feeling ready to refer your business to their friends and family, which is a great strategy to grow your business.

Matching Your Needs – Vancouver Box Manufacturer

Your business is unique and has specific needs. Getting a custom box to accommodate your products is a smart strategy to save money and increase your brand awareness. As a box manufacturer in Vancouver, Racer Boxes is ready to help you to find the best solution for your needs.

You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and materials, customizing the boxes according to the form of the products you need to pack. To enhance your brand, it is also possible to have a custom printing in your box, bringing more personality and brand recognition from your customers.

Contact Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to discuss the best box option for your next order of custom boxes.

The Benefits of Custom Boxes for Business in Vancouver

For some people, a box is just a brown piece to contain products, and while sometimes your business needs the simple brown box, often the solutions are far more complex to meet business specifics demands. As an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer in Vancouver, the Racer Boxes are ready to provide to your business the best boxes solutions. 

The Racer Boxes has been manufacturing custom corrugated boxes for Canada and the USA, applying the best practices and industry experience necessary to provide you the best packaging solution for your business and budget.

Following, you will learn the benefits of custom corrugated boxes as a package solution for your business.  

Environmentally Friendly

The corrugated material, base of the custom box, is a recyclable and biodegradable product, making it easy to be recycled, reused, and easily repurposed.


Your business needs are unique, and it is paramount to find specific solutions for them. The custom corrugated box can be produced in the exact specifications, measures, printing logo, and in the quantity that you want.

Largely Adopted

Corrugated boxes are well used in all industries. The high demand consequently brings the need to differentiate your business from others. Our team can offer specific solutions to your business sector, from the design to the delivery.


When you opt for a custom corrugated box, you are also choosing for precision. Our custom cardboard boxes are precision cut to match your business needs. This also allows you to control better your packaging needs considering your product’s features.

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Are you ready to order your custom corrugated boxes? Contact Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to discuss the best box option for your next order of cardboard boxes. We will ensure to getting the job done right and on-time every time, helping your business with their packaging needs.

How to Choose the Right Fit of Packing Box

There is no question that online business is greatly increasing, and people prefer to receive their purchase at home. This scenario demands from companies to organize for different sized cartons boxes for shipping their products. To choose the right size of your boxes is paramount for your supply stock, saving you space and money.

The Right Size of Cartons Boxes

Choosing the right size of your cartons boxes for shipping is paramount to avoid any damage to your product, which consequently can lead to a high return rate. Even with a careful shipping service, rough roads, temperature, and traffic conditions can damage the package.

The right size of packaging can help to reduce the risk of damage along the way of the delivery. The box should be just enough for the items, with some filling, if necessary, to ensure the stability and security of the items inside. If the box is too small, the product inside can push the carton walls, making it more susceptible to outside forces, which can damage the package. On the other hand, too big boxes may allow too much room for the contents to bounce around and broke.

Boxes as Your Visit Card

The way that your product reaches out to your customer will tell about your business commitment with your clients. It is paramount to ensure that the product is delivered in a safe and presentable condition. When products are well packaged in a proper custom size box the chances that the box will be delivered in good shape are greater, and your business can imprint a better positive impression on your customer.

With customized boxes with customized print, the appealing design will pop up to the customers, providing to your company a better chance to be remembered and encourage future repeated purchases.

Box Manufacturer Racer Boxes

In Vancouver, you can count on Racer Boxes, an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer, to provide to your business the best boxes solutions for your shipping products. Contact our team at Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or

With COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard the world, most countries might suffer greater economic downturn in the next months. The restraint methods to slow down the virus spread and contagion are directly affecting the economy.

Instead of succumbing to this unprecedented scenario, some businesses understand the relevance of preparing for the hard times in advance to navigate the recession better. For example, packaging is an essential part of your business, and most of the time can be one of your best brand assets during the economic slowdown.

Following, you can check some tips to prepare your business to face better the upcoming economic challenges.

Define the Right Sized Box

During rough times in the economy, it is prevalent to eliminate unnecessary spending and look for opportunities to maximize your business profits. With this mindset, it is common to see business seeking for one size fits all box solution in an attempt to cut down on upfront costs.

However, this strategy is not quite efficient once you can increase the likelihood of damaging your product during the shipping. Moreover, you might also have to spend more in filling material to avoid damaging it, which consequently can bring you additional costs.

The optimal strategy in this scenario is to leverage your boxes by customizing the size. Custom boxes can offer the best solutions for your primary and secondary packaging based on your product’s bestseller. With custom boxes, you develop the best box adapted to fit your product’s shape and dimensions, avoiding extra costs with filling materials like foam and bubble wrap.

Leverage your Brand with Custom Printing Boxes

Businesses are already feeling the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic when consumers’ spending is slowing down. If caught unprepared, companies can be left with excess packaging inventory that can expire or becomes obsolete.

To prepare for uncertainty times and economic recession, choosing the best box solution and leveraging your brand in the selected box, it might be a smart decision. With custom printing boxes, you have the flexibility to print what you want and how you want, avoiding incurring extra costs.

Recessions are natural challenging times, with some being more devastating than others, but thinking ahead and preparing for the rough time, your business can navigate through this time. Moreover, you can count on Racer Boxes, an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer in Vancouver, to provide to your business the best boxes solutions, identifying opportunities to maximize cost-savings.

Contact our team at Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to discuss the best box option for your business.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been changing business operations across Canada. We from Racer Boxes are fully prepared to operate in compliance with Canadian public health authorities’ guidelines.

All our actions in response to COVID-19 are guided to keep our staff healthy and save during this pandemic while we are also complying with government directives to maintain business continuity possible.

Therefore, we had to adapt our business to keep you and our team safe. Until further notice, we are taking orders, quotes, inquires and delivery requests only via email, so please, get in touch with us at the following mail address:

Likewise, all merchandise pick-ups are happening by appointment. Kindly make sure to get in touch to arrange the best time for you.

We continue to maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters. And we have adjusted our office hours from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm and by telephone during Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Here is our pick up and delivery times:

For Pick-Ups, our office is open from 9AM – 12NN and 1PM – 3PM
For Deliveries, our warehouse is from 7AM – 12NN and 1PM – 3PM
No Pick-Ups or Deliveries during Lunch Break 12NN – 1PM

Besides the measures put in place to keep our critical functions, we will continue to serve you and respond to your questions as quickly as we can. We continue to monitor the evolving situation and our authority’s guidelines and make whatever adjustments to our operation that might help further the safety of our staff and our clients.

We are going through this unprecedented time together. We are ready to keep providing you the best boxes solutions do your business. Stay safe.

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