Racer Boxes Offers Box Shipping for Beginners

As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes understands how important it is to ensure that products reach their customers undamaged, and much of this hinges on the packaging used during delivery.

Apart from safety, a box acts as an ambassador of the brand. Consider the impression the packaging will have on the consumer when it arrives—a box that’s too big or small increases the chance of product damage. Moreover, recipients may gain the overall impression that a business is cheap, lazy, or uncaring, none of which is beneficial.

Aside from aesthetics and professionalism, customized box sizes make good economic sense. An appropriately sized  custom box is cheaper to store and ship. Less packing filler is required. And while these might seem like trifling costs per order, over time they can add up. That’s why companies like Amazon are continually finding new ways to cut down on waste and space when shipping.

However, the best reason to invest in custom box manufacturing is that it means leaving customers with a better impression. In fact, according to a 2016 study, 40% of shoppers said they would be somewhat more likely or much more likely to purchase from a retailer again if they ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package.

Quality packaging also encourages word-of-mouth marketing. When consumers are excited about a brand, they’re more likely to recommend it to friends and colleagues. Statistics suggest that 50% of shoppers are more likely to recommend a product to friends if the packaging manages to impress them.  In other words, don’t underestimate the “wow” factor.

For reliable custom-made boxes that can be delivered in convenient batch sizes, Racer Boxes manufacturers boxes of superior quality at affordable pricing. Call (604) 270-8205 or email to learn more.


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