Not every business gets their own holiday but as a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, there’s no doubt that Boxing Day deserves a special nod. While it’s not certain how the holiday came about, there are a few popular theories on the matter.

Boxing Day occurs the day after Christmas, and if that happens to fall on a weekend, the public holiday is celebrated on Monday instead. While it became an official holiday during the reign of Queen Victoria, some have claimed to trace its origins all the way back to medieval times.

The name itself is also a mystery. Some claim it comes from churches opening alms boxes the day after Christmas to distribute to the poor. Others claim it has to do with boxes of gifts employers gave to servants (who had to work on Christmas but got the day after off).

In many places, Boxing Day is considered a big shopping day, where people look for huge post-Christmas deals. Online shopping and pre-Christmas sales like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, however, have cut into this over the last decade, reducing it for many to just another sales event.

While the “boxing” in Boxing Day has no basis in fist fighting, some British colonies do celebrate the day with big prizefighting events. In the UK, Boxing Day is popular partly because of its connection to traditional fox hunting. But this has fallen out of favour and is now technically illegal.

Ireland also celebrates the day but sometimes refer to it as Wren Day instead, harkening back to a tradition in which poor children would kill a wren, then sell its feathers to neighbours for good luck. Fortunately, these days the wren is fake.

The team at Racer Boxes would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. When it’s time to get back to work, remember that as a Vancouver box manufacturer Racer Boxes provides companies with boxes of all shapes and sizes at wholesale costs. Start the New Year right by saving some money. Contact (604) 270–8205 or to learn more.

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