The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift from physical to virtual stores around the world. This boom in online sales has caused a significant increase in the number of users and revenue. According to data presented by Italian consultancy, the number of e-commerce users increased by 9.5% year-on-year amid the coronavirus outbreak and reached more than 3.4 billion in 2020. For 2021, the estimate is that the consolidated for the year indicates growth of over 10%, reaching 3.8 billion.

This new contingent of online shoppers was reflected in the increase in revenue: the increase was 25% to US$ 2.43 trillion in 2020. Many retail platforms have witnessed an unprecedented increase in traffic in the past year, surpassing even the peaks of the holiday seasons. Statistics show that global e-commerce revenues are expected to reach over $2.7 trillion in 2021 and continue to rise to $3.4 trillion in 2025.

And if there is more online shopping – in this case, much more! – there are more packages being used to ship these products home to their new owners. We have already talked about how cardboard boxes are the favorite of those who buy via the internet for a number of reasons. But do you know what else has changed in consumer behavior over the last couple of years? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

What Are Consumers Looking For?

  1. Security

As of 2020, many people who had never done online shopping decided to do so. Mainly motivated by the search for safety: consumers wanted to receive their products at home without putting themselves and their families at risk. Therefore, the expectation that these people have is that the packaging is safe and suitable for that type of product.

So think about it: if you have a restaurant and delivery service, for example, be extra careful and choose packaging that fits your product, that arrives intact and sealed to the customer. If you sell other types of product, which can be delivered by courier, you can include a note or flyers that indicates that the product has been safely packaged, by people wearing gloves and a face mask, for example.

They are small details but that make a difference and make your brand remembered by the consumer.

  1. Sustainability

Sustainability is a factor that consumers increasingly value. More than that, they have preferred to spend their money with companies that are socially concerned. So use this to your advantage – avoid the unnecessary use of plastic and emphasize the use of cardboard boxes, made from easily recyclable and affordable material. Companies that are not environmentally responsible may lose customers in the coming years.

  1. Different Ways of Delivery

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, online shopping is here to stay. Even those who weren’t used to it are enjoying the time savings and practicality of this type of purchase. This behavior led to the emergence of different forms of delivery in addition to the traditional one via courier. Today it is even easier to shop online at a pharmacy or supermarket, for example, also pay online and choose to pick up your products at the store. This saves the consumer time and money (since there is no shipping!).

And in this case, packaging continues to play an important role: what the consumer expects is to arrive to pick up their purchase and find it packed in boxes suitable for what they bought. In this way, they see the company as a brand concerned with trust, time savings, the safety of its customers and the good condition of its products.

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