Why Racer Boxes is the Box Manufacturer For You

Why Racer Boxes is the Box Manufacturer For You

Packing goods and delivering them can be a tedious process for many vendors. In such a scenario, having a reliable packaging partner can be quite the blessing. Racer Boxes promises its partners to provide high quality cartons and even higher satisfaction. But how does it do it? Here are 4 great reasons why Racer Boxes is the one-stop Box Manufacturer for all of your boxes, packaging, and carton needs:

  1. Local Vancouver Canada Box Manufacturer 

Racer Boxes is a local company that was created in Vancouver, BC by two immigrants from Hong Kong. Since its roots are deeply trenched in Vancouver, BC, this company is here for good. Being a local company gives Racer Boxes many stakes in Vancouver, meaning that good service can take it places and bad service can ruin its image. As a result, you can build a long lasting business relationship with it and be completely worry-free.

  1. First Rate Customer Service

One of the things that Racer Boxes takes pride in is its stellar customer service. Whether you are a small customer or a large one, whether you are new or old, the company’s seamless customer care does not discriminate between customers and strives to provide the best support to everyone at all times. For Racer Boxes, happy customers equal repeat purchase, which turns the company’s wheels. Consequently, as a customer, you will be treated like a king at Racer Boxes.

  1. All Requirement Levels

Large international box manufacturers providing packaging and cartons require customers to give enormous minimum orders in order to be catered to. These companies often ignore the needs of the customers with smaller requirements. At Racer Boxes, customers with low and medium level requirements are also addressed and their needs are kept at high priority.

  1. Affordable, High Quality Boxes

With so many benefits being offered to customers by Racer Boxes, one would think the price they charge would be pretty high. Quite on the contrary, Racer Boxes competes on the stance that it is a highly affordable cartons and packaging vendor for businesses of all sizes. The company has the most reasonable prices in the industry and aims to be affordable to all customer segments.

How to Order Your Boxes

From stock cartons to custom display boxes, call Racer Boxes at 604-270–8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality wholesale boxes!

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