Buy Your Clothing Shipping Cardboard Boxes Locally in Vancouver BC

Buy Your Clothing Shipping Cardboard Boxes Locally

Racer Boxes in Vancouver BC makes and sells apparel cardboard boxes for shipping garments, hats, and clothing in Vancouver BC. This gives local Vancouver area businesses in the apparel sector a great reliable partner for their wholesale shipping boxes supply.  As a cardboard box manufacturer, we make high quality boxes for apparel, including Clothing Display Trays, 2 Piece Insert Organizers, and slotted cartons.

For those in the Vancouver apparel industry, there’s no need to order your boxes and clothing packaging from far away when you can save by buying your boxes directly from a local box manufacture. There are plenty of advantages with working with Racer Boxes as your clothing box supplier, we’re local to the Vancouver area which keeps shipping costs down. We offer flexible services. And we pride ourselves on industry leading customer service. If you have questions or particular needs, we encourage you to call us without hesitation.

In terms of order sizes, we provide small, medium, and large size shipments and we offer flexibility — such as smaller, weekly shipments. That service can come in handy, for instance, rather than ordering a whole pallet of boxes at a time, you can save yourself the storage space with our regular weekly deliveries. Whatever your apparel box needs, give us a call so we can work according to your needs.

To be sure, we do not produce retail boxes, rather we only make shipping boxes for apparel. We also make and sell custom cardboard boxes according to your needs and specifications.

Your Greater Vancouver Apparel Box Manufacturer

If your business requires wholesale apparel cardboard boxes or considering unique ways of saving on your packaging overhead costs, give Racer Boxes and Printing in Vancouver BC a call. To get started, give us a call at (604) 270 – 8205.

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