Local Cardboard Boxes in Bulk for Wholesale Prices

Retail Price Kills Margins

When you are buying your cardboard boxes from a box store, you’re giving your margins to the distributor. While there is the convenience of buying very small qualities, you are paying full retail price. If you are selling with any volume, it’s better to buy bulk and get a wholesale price. You can easily get the same quality as any brand name store provides but at a fraction of the cost. That savings means more profit on your end.

Buy Direct from the Manufacture

A lot of the bulk cardboard suppliers are not actually manufactures of the boxes, rather they buy in bulk and markup the price. There’s far fewer manufactures that sell directly to businesses, many are not setup to provide customer service to end users like we are at Racer Boxes Printing and Manufacturing. The advantage of buying direct is savings, essentially you’re cutting out the middle men reducing your cost and effectively increasing your profit.

Buy from a Local Box Manufacturer

Some of the big cardboard box distributors may appear to have low prices per box when you’re browsing their websites, however in the end the added shipping costs often mitigate any savings. Going with a local box supplier means the shipping is local. That means less of you money goes into gas and labour and so on for the shipping company. Again, reducing your cost per box and increasing your profit.

Get Weekly Shipments

Another advantage when you’re buying from a local box manufacture like Racer Boxes is that we can provide weekly shipments of our products. Rather than buy a whole pallet of boxes at a time, you can save yourself the storage space and rely on weekly deliveries.

Whether weekly shipments will save you money depends on your situation; for example, in some cases you may not have the space and will require to buy lower volume. In other cases, the space located for storing your boxes may be put to better use than inventory. Here’s a case study where one of our customers saved by switching from buying his boxes in bulk to getting weekly shipments delivered from us.

Your Greater Vancouver Corrugated Box Manufacturer

If your business requires wholesale cardboard boxes or is looking into unique ways of saving on your packaging overhead costs, give Racer Boxes and Printing in Vancouver BC a call. To get started, give us a call at (604) 270 – 8205.

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