When it comes to shipping, the team at Racer Boxes knows that while the box plays second fiddle to the contents—It’s close. The box is the first thing a customer sees, and the experience of unboxing plays an essential role in the overall product experience,

That’s why when it comes to delivering small products or promotional items, a customized mailer box is a great way to make a fabulous first impression.

For those who don’t know, mailers are a one-piece box with a self-locking lid. As such, they are ideal for shipping small objects such as toys, accessories, ceramic wares, cosmetics, etc.  Mailer boxes act as an attractive and functional container that can be opened and closed without damaging the box—or frustrating the consumer. However, the true beauty of these boxes is that they can be made to order, meaning that a customer will recognize that they were specially made for a product and brand. As such, there’s little waste, and businesses save on shipping costs as well.

Mailers can be mailed as-is with a little tape, which makes them a practical and multifunctional choice. At Racer Boxes, the unboxing experience may be further enhanced by custom box printing, which can enhance options like mailing stickers and labels. Add a message of thanks on the inside, and the result is professional and memorable unboxing experience that’s sure to leave an impact.

Mailers make great in-store displays. They are also used extensively by companies offering monthly subscription box services. By providing a custom box, companies can provide a tailored experience that makes discovering the contents even more special. It’s a little like opening a beautiful gift. And since subscription box services are on the rise, the key to success means taking advantage of every opportunity to make a product more special and memorable.

Mailer boxes can be customized to suit any order, but several stock sizes are also available for purchase. Racer Boxes offers flexible delivery options for businesses with low, mid to high volume requirements. To learn more about creating the perfect mailer for your business, call (604) 270–8205 or

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