Vancouver Box Manufacturer Offers Flexible Order Fulfillment Option

As a Vancouver-based cardboard box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes understands that reconciling volume discounts with cash flow and storage requirements can be a challenge for many new and upcoming businesses. In order to better meet the needs of their clients, Racer Boxes offers flexible box delivery options.

Flexible delivery allows clients to take advantage of wholesale pricing without worrying about exorbitant space and storage costs. Instead, through a pre-determined delivery schedule, boxes arrive as they’re needed. There’s no hassle remembering to submit frequent small batch orders. Businesses have reliable access to a never-ending inventory.

Wholesale Box Pricing

Racer Boxes offers affordable pricing on wholesale cardboard boxes regardless of volume requirements. As a Vancouver box manufacturer with clients across the Lower Mainland, we cater to businesses of different sizes without discrimination. From low to high volume orders, everyone gets unmatched quality at competitive prices.

Whether it’s stock carton, moving boxes, delivery boxes, small die-cut boxes, or mailers, Racer Boxes does it all. And for clients who need something more specific, our Richmond-based manufacturing facility can produce custom cardboard boxes that are precision cut to accommodate various sizes, depths, strengths, and uses.

With flexible delivery, businesses can cut down on inventory transfer costs and take advantage of great discounts which can then be passed on to customers or retained as profits. As an additional benefit, clients in Metro Vancouver enjoy free delivery on orders above $600.

More than a regular box company, Racer Boxes is an industry leader in wholesale box manufacturing and box printing for the Vancouver area.

To learn more about their flexible delivery options, please call Racer Boxes at 604-270-8205.

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