Dimensions of your shipping box is an important cost consideration to evaluate when choosing to order wholesale cardboard boxes.

Ideally, you’ll want to order sizes with respect to the pricing guidelines set out by your shipping and distribution partners as typically you’ll find price brackets according to box dimensions. So if most of your products will fit in a box size that’s within a lower price tier, that’s an ideal situation. Of course you’ll need to take into consideration how well the packing, protection, and unboxing experience works for your products and brand, and we have covered this topic in a previous post if that’s your main consideration.

Sometimes however it’s not so easy to order wholesale shipping boxes because your products don’t easily fall into the specific sizing brackets of your partners and your volume isn’t enough to justify buying pallets of boxes at a time and storing all those boxes. This is where some shippers look at cutting down their boxes to size for specific products.

Why We Don’t Recommend Cutting Down Boxes

While reducing your box size manually may seem like your best solution, there are many reasons not to take this DIY approach.

  1. Saving you any money. When you calculate the labour cost you need to put into cutting your boxes, and the fact that you still need to have a larger box to start with, you may find the savings don’t add up.
  1. Warehousing / storage costs. Ordering different sizes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll use more inventory space. When dealing direct with the shipping box manufacturer, as is the case with us, it may turn out that you do not need to order as many boxes as you think.
    • We provide affordable solutions for businesses such as weekly and monthly shipment options that can help lower your warehousing / storage costs compared to ordering a larger shipment all at once.
  1. Structural integrity. Another important reason we don’t recommend reducing your own boxes is that cuts from a box reducer can introduce points of failure, lowering
    Drop tester to simulate shocks to packaged product from material handling during shipment
    Drop tester to simulate shocks to packaged product from material handling during shipment

    your shipping box’s crush and impact resistance.

    • It’s always best to buy the right sizes of boxes for your products –no one involved is going to be happy if your boxes cave in and crush your products while in transit or at a storage facility.
  1. Branded experience. Cutting down a box with a reducer tool usually looks distinctly DIY. The flaps might end up being extra-long, print and logos might be misplaced or disfigured, folds and joints might show where they shouldn’t or look unnatural.
    • If you’re only looking at your bottom line the look of your shipping box might seem trivial however customer retention and marketing can depend heavily on the unboxing experience – especially for ecommerce.

In the end, it’s important to weigh out all of your options when choosing which box sizes to order and whether you may need to cut down your boxes for specific shipments.

We Do Not Use Box Reducers

To be sure, at Racer Boxes, we do not reduce boxes sizes nor cut them down – this is not a service we offer nor recommend. We manufacture cardboard boxes according to strict specifications to ensure a high level of quality and structural integrity.

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