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“Transmogrifing” Cardboard for Creative Ideas

The plain brown exterior of a standard cardboard boxes (or stock cartons) is often misunderstood as a boring object. A cardboard box is at best valued for its purpose and function, which is obviously a superior choice for delivery or packaging needs. However, we often neglect the simple potential of a cardboard box as a creative stimulant. The plain brown exterior of a regular cardboard box can otherwise be considered as a blank slate for incredible creative opportunity.


There is a popular joke that when you buy a child an expensive toy they will soon become bored with the toy and become more amused with the cardboard box packaging in which it came in than the toy itself. Famous cartoon Calvin and Hobbes presents a classic example of the transformation of a cardboard box into something more than just a cardboard box. In the cartoon, the child character, Calvin, invents a device called the “Transmogrifier” that has the ability to transform objects into any other object of choice. The “Transmogrifier” is build by flipping a cardboard box upside down. Dials are drawn on the outside of the box to determine what will become of whatever or whoever is inside. Of course, the “Transmogrifier” is not a real working invention, rather the representation of boundless childhood imagination. The creativity in conceptualizing a simple object like a cardboard box into something so innovative is something we adults could use more of.

Creativity & Cardboard

Although cardboard is a great material that offers durability fit for safe handling and transporting goods, cardboard is not just a simple object. Consider the endless creative possibilities of cardboard; think outside the box. For some inspiration, see our post on 10 Ways to Make Use of Old Cardboard Boxes.

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