BC is a major producer of fruits and veggies in Canada. Now that it’s spring, many growers will be getting ready to ship their bounty across the city or across the country. As a Vancouver-based box manufacturer, we know that shipping produce isn’t as simple as dumping it into boxes and hoping it arrives safely. Without proper packing, environmental conditions like humidity and temperatures can cause perishables to degrade, impacting your bottom line. That’s why we’ve created a special line of wholesale food boxes to help get your perishables safely from point A to Point B.

At Racer Boxes, we have created several types of wholesale food boxes, including a produce carton with die-cut holes, stackable cardboard fruit trays, potted plant display holders, and a cardboard floral tray.

Ideally, you’ll want to use a carrier who offers temperature-controlled freight to keep food and/or plants as fresh as possible. Sending perishable items using overnight delivery is recommended. It’s best to try to avoid sending items at the end of the week, as this means perishables could end up stagnating in a shipping facility over the weekend.

Remember to avoid packing moist fruit and veggies, as the condensation in an enclosed space is conducive to mould growth. Our produce boxes contain die-cut air holes for exactly this reason. It’s a simple design, but it helps keep food aerated, prolonging its quality and freshness during delivery.

Remember, if you’re shipping heavy items, like potatoes, the box should be sufficiently strong to avoid bursting. If you need help creating a customized solution for your produce, we’ll be glad to help. As manufacturers of corrugated die-cut boxes and cartons, Racer Boxes offers superior pricing and quality. We cater to customers with low, mid and high volume requirements—and we’re pleased to work with farmers and food producers all across the province.

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