In our last post on How to Save on Buying Pallet Wrap in Bulk, we looked at reasons why every business should be using pallet wrap to save money – both in terms of less upfront costs and also in terms of the potentially devastating back-end costs.

In this post, we will review common mistakes when wrapping a pallet and how to properly secure pallets for shipment.

Improper pallet wrapping

To wrap your orders effectively to reduce shipping damage, costs, and liability, it’s important to first know what not to do. Putting the disaster scenarios from the last post aside, the more common expense is from shipping damage due to items moving or falling off the pallet during shipment.

Shipping damage often happens when loose boxes or products are not wrapped properly.

Improper wrapping can be a major concern, one of my clients who sells large heavy rolls of industrial fabric has had to reconsider his shipping partner after having many of his customers complain that their orders where arriving with rolls thrown across the trailer floor.

The issue wasn’t that the shipping partner wasn’t using pallet wrap, it was that there were not using it correctly to contain the rolls.

Here’s the most common mistakes of incorrectly pallet wrapping:

  • Loosely packing a shipment. If the items are not packed tightly before shipment, you can count on them shifting during shipment. In this case, it doesn’t matter how well wrapped or how tightly stretched the pallet wrap is. If the palletized items have gaps between them, those gaps will allow items to shift inwards during shipment and this will make the pallet unstable. A related issue is incorrectly staking a load. Stacking a load takes a bit of foresight and understanding of physics. For instance, a shipment of rolls should be cross-hatched rather than stacked all in the same direction. Or a mixed shipment should have the looser heaver more stable Essentially, this creates the same dangerous situation that we find in #2.
  • Not stretching the wrapping tight enough. Pallet wrap must be stretched tight as drum. If the wrap is put on loosely (read: not stretched tightly enough), the items will begin to shift outwards during shipment and create an insecure load. A pallet wrap dispenser with a tightly calibrated tensioner helps to resolve this issue, yet it’s not fool-proof as we will see in the next steps.
  • Not anchoring the load to the pallet. Anchoring products to a pallet is an often-skipped step yet it can easily lead to items shifting off a palate during transport – especially due to wild forklift rides where the operator believes the pallet is more secure than it actually is. The reason why this step is skipped is because it takes a lot of conscious effort and work. You need to get down very low with the wrap dispenser to ensure the bottom corners of the pallet are wrapped and bring the wrap up to the upper corners of the stack to ensure the load is firmly secured to the pallet. This requires going around the pallet multiple times in a bottom-to-top, top-to-bottom cross-hatched pattern. It’s dizzying and takes a lot of effort.
  • Inconsistent tension. If the wrap is too loose or too tight, it can compromise the containment of the load. Too tight and the wrap might rip. Too loose, specific pressure points can also lead to instability. Some shippers and warehouses don’t use wrap dispensers and this can easily lead to the film being inconsistently stretched. The benefit from having a tight tensioner set is that it helps to ensure the same amount of force is applied across the whole wrapping process. Yet a tight tensioner also means a lot of effort is required to wrap the pallet. It takes some effort to stretch the pallet wrap by hand, even with a dispenser.
  • Sparse, inconsistent coverage. To apply pallet, wrap securely to contain a heavy load for long distance shipments, it’s necessary to wrap several times around the entire bundle – going over the same areas several times. A single wrap may work in principle, however it’s easy to leave weak points where the coverage is missing or where wrap could tear or stretch out over time. Having multiple layers provides redundancy and ensures full coverage to protect from punctures, rips, tear, and overall containment.

How to Properly Wrap a Pallet

  1. Use a pallet wrap dispenser with tensioner and calibrate the tensioner so it stretches the film firmly as the wrap is dispensed. You want the film tight and secure but not pressing the limit of tearing.How to Wrap a Pallet
  2. Anchor the film first by pulling a foot or more out by hand and tying it to the pallet by hand. Then use the wrap dispenser to walk the wrap around the base of the pallet several times. The aim here is to secure the load to the pallet.
  3. Walk the pallet wrap dispenser around the palletized items, starting at the bottom moving slowly to the top. Be sure to overlap ea lap by about half the width of the film.
  4. Criss-cross the wrap from lower corners to adjacent upper corners for several laps – as shown in the diagram on the right.
  5. Keep overlapping to build-in redundancy and to protect against rips and tears and abrasions as well as g-forces.

Overall a general rule here is that you want to overdo it a little. The cost of overusing pallet wrap is lower than the potential cost of under using it.

Buy your Pallet Wrap Wholesale in Richmond BC

If you are looking to save on your Pallet Wrap purchases, you can buy your wrap wholesale (at 4 rolls per case) from Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing in Vancouver BC.

To place an order, call us today at (604) 270 – 8205.

Buying Hand Shrink Wrap in Bulk from Racer Boxes

While Racer Boxes is a box manufacturing and printing company, many of our customers appreciate the convenience and the added value of buying their palate wrap wholesale through us along with their order of wholesale cardboard boxes. The combination makes sense, as many of our customers that order wholesale shipping boxes also need to go through large amounts of hand shrink wrap.

One of things we always try to do is provide exceptional service and that’s why we started adding wholesale warehouse and shipping products such as bulk cases of packing tape and pallet wrap, along with pallet wrap dispensers and other products that go along naturally with our cardboard box manufacturing and sales services.

Surprisingly, not everyone in business knows the value of palate wrap, having worked in manufacturing myself for many years I’ve worked with warehousing and shipping companies that either don’t use palate wrap at all or with those that use it incorrectly to the extent of completely negating its utility.

In this post, we are going look at why every business should be using pallet wrap to secure their pallets for shipment. And we will then move onto how to use pallet wrap effectively to reduce costs and liability.

Why Every Shipper Should Buy Pallet Wrap

Wrapping pallets is a critical step in preparing a shipment of boxes or other items and securing those items to a pallet for transportation.  In the most basic sense, pallet wrap is just plastic film on a roll – like kitchen wrap – but it’s a much different beast than the plastic wrap used in kitchens. It’s industrial strength, covers a larger surface area in a single pass, and engineered specifically to contain and protect shipping items.

Pallet wrapping — when done correctly with a Pallet Wrap Dispenser with built in tensioner — effectively turns a collection of pails, rolls, or stacked boxes into a single stable unit and secures all the boxes onto the pallet. Even with miss-matched sizes and shapes, pallet wrap ensures that nothing slides off the pallet and potentially damages your products, property, or any staff during the regular course of warehousing and shipping of your goods. It won’t protect your products from serious accidents, impacts, or fires, but if a forklift driver nearing the end of his shift takes a turn to quickly, it could well mean the difference between your products staying nicely packed and stacked on the pallet and having your products hurled across the warehouse — potentially impacting other property or people.

It’s like a passenger seatbelt for your products, it can prevent your cargo from turning into projectiles. In terms of liability and costs, the damage from putting it on can cost a lot less than recovering from a disaster. So, if your products are shipped on pallets or stacked on pallets and lifted around the warehouse, pallet wrap can save you a lot of headache and expense from damages resulting for moving insecure pallets.

Stay Tuned for Part Two: How to Wrap a Pallet for Shipment.

Buy your Pallet Wrap Wholesale in Richmond BC

If you are looking to save on your Pallet Wrap purchases you can buy them wholesale (at 4 rolls per case) from Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing in Vancouver BC. To place an order, call us today at (604) 270 – 8205.

Dimensions of your shipping box is an important cost consideration to evaluate when choosing to order wholesale cardboard boxes.

Ideally, you’ll want to order sizes with respect to the pricing guidelines set out by your shipping and distribution partners as typically you’ll find price brackets according to box dimensions. So if most of your products will fit in a box size that’s within a lower price tier, that’s an ideal situation. Of course you’ll need to take into consideration how well the packing, protection, and unboxing experience works for your products and brand, and we have covered this topic in a previous post if that’s your main consideration.

Sometimes however it’s not so easy to order wholesale shipping boxes because your products don’t easily fall into the specific sizing brackets of your partners and your volume isn’t enough to justify buying pallets of boxes at a time and storing all those boxes. This is where some shippers look at cutting down their boxes to size for specific products.

Why We Don’t Recommend Cutting Down Boxes

While reducing your box size manually may seem like your best solution, there are many reasons not to take this DIY approach.

  1. Saving you any money. When you calculate the labour cost you need to put into cutting your boxes, and the fact that you still need to have a larger box to start with, you may find the savings don’t add up.
  1. Warehousing / storage costs. Ordering different sizes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll use more inventory space. When dealing direct with the shipping box manufacturer, as is the case with us, it may turn out that you do not need to order as many boxes as you think.
    • We provide affordable solutions for businesses such as weekly and monthly shipment options that can help lower your warehousing / storage costs compared to ordering a larger shipment all at once.
  1. Structural integrity. Another important reason we don’t recommend reducing your own boxes is that cuts from a box reducer can introduce points of failure, lowering
    Drop tester to simulate shocks to packaged product from material handling during shipment
    Drop tester to simulate shocks to packaged product from material handling during shipment

    your shipping box’s crush and impact resistance.

    • It’s always best to buy the right sizes of boxes for your products –no one involved is going to be happy if your boxes cave in and crush your products while in transit or at a storage facility.
  1. Branded experience. Cutting down a box with a reducer tool usually looks distinctly DIY. The flaps might end up being extra-long, print and logos might be misplaced or disfigured, folds and joints might show where they shouldn’t or look unnatural.
    • If you’re only looking at your bottom line the look of your shipping box might seem trivial however customer retention and marketing can depend heavily on the unboxing experience – especially for ecommerce.

In the end, it’s important to weigh out all of your options when choosing which box sizes to order and whether you may need to cut down your boxes for specific shipments.

We Do Not Use Box Reducers

To be sure, at Racer Boxes, we do not reduce boxes sizes nor cut them down – this is not a service we offer nor recommend. We manufacture cardboard boxes according to strict specifications to ensure a high level of quality and structural integrity.

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Buy the Box Sizes You Need in Western Canada

We are Racer Boxes Manufacturing & Printing, located in Richmond BC (just south of Vancouver).

If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area, the Okanagan, the Pacific Northwest, or Western Canada, we recommend giving us a call at (604) 270 – 8205  to help you go over your options and decide whether ordering your shipping boxes directly from us makes sense for your business.


Reducing the Cost of Shipping Damages

Reducing the cost of shipping damage is problem for virtually all businesses. For all the hard work that goes into producing your product, it’s all for nothing if the product comes dead on arrival due to a poorly designed shipping box. Even if your products are insured or not fragile, if the box gets to the customer looking like it was kicked through the street, it will affect the first impression of your brand — a critical moment as your customer’s first material experience with your brand usually starts with your shipping box.

How to Reduce Shipping Damages

Clearly printing fragile along with key symbols and instructions is the first step to reduce shipping damages. However often times that alone is not enough. Turns out there is a sociological element to how people shipping your product treat objects according to it’s perceived contents.  It makes sense in you are shipping glass, you might print “GLASS” on box. However what if you are shipping something that is clearly not glass?

The technologically advanced bicycle company Vanmoof made international news in September of this year as they were discovered employing a crafty trick to reduce shipping damages of their bikes. The solution they came up with — they printed large TVs on the shipping boxes.

Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal was the first to catch and report on this smart little trick via Twitter.

Just like that, Shipping Damage to our Bikes Dropped by 70–80%

Bex Rad, VanMoof’s creative director said in a post on Medium that “Your covetable products, your frictionless website, your killer brand — they all count for nothing when your delivery partner drops the ball.”

By changing the shipper’s perception of the product from transporting bikes to flatscreen televisions, VanMoof created a direct reduction in shipping damages: “shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70-80 percent” said Rad.

Strategic Printing or Deception?

This is certainly a matter of strategy that walks a fine line. It comes down to a little utilitarian calculus: which is better, (a) deceiving your shippers and possibly confusing your customers or (b) reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction?  If e-commerce is a large part of your business, the risk of damaged goods may be enough to justify (b), VanMoof’s strategy.

VanMoof is an ecommerce based retailer with plans to sell 90% of their bikes online. So they justify the strategy as follows “anyone in the ecom world knows you’re only as good as your shipping partner. […] Yet no matter who was doing the shipping, too many of our bikes arrived looking like they’d been through a metal-munching combine harvester. It was getting expensive for us, and bloody annoying for our customers.”

So what it came down to in this case was strategic cardboard box printing. Do you think this strategy will this work for you? If so, let us know and we can help!

Vancouver Corrugated Box Printer

If your business is considering custom printed shipping boxes or other ways to reduce shipping damages, Racer Boxes and Printing in Vancouver BC can help. To get started, give us a call at (604) 270 – 8205.

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The cities of Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Pit Meadows, and Maple Ridge have significant land agricultural reserve where fresh produce is grown locally. In Richmond BC alone, where Racer Boxes is located, there is approximately 12,338 acres of land base, or 39% of the City, within the Agricultural Land Reserve. Most of the farm land in Richmond is devoted to producing berries, as shown in the chart to the right.


Cranberries make up nearly 40% of Richmond crops and Blueberries make up approximately 25%. With that in mind we want to let our local farmers know that we make and sell wholesale boxes and cartons for fruits and berries, including cranberries and blueberries.

Buying Berry Cartons and Packaging Wholesale

With all those berries there’s a need for berry cartons and packaging, that’s where we come in. There are a lot of advantages of using Racer Boxes for packaging your berries. We’re able to work directly with you to design your boxes according to your specific needs, including providing custom printed labels on your boxes.

We can even arrange weekly deliveries of our cartons to help relieve your storage constraints and in some cases save money compared to buying your berry packaging in bulk.

If you manage a farm in the Greater Vancouver area call Racer Boxes for a free consultation on how we can help improve your cartons and packaging supply chain and help save you money in the process.

Contact Racer Boxes 

If you’re looking for agricultural boxes, trays, or cartons, get in touch with Racer Boxes today at (604) 270 – 8205!


The New Horizon of eCommerce for Local Vancouver Farms & Markets

Greater Vancouver has a thriving fresh produce industry, from large chains to innovative boutique shops and folksy farmer’s markets, Vancouverites of all stripes get to enjoy some of the best local produce options available in Canada.

One thing that all retail grocers today have in common is the quickly rising new horizon of eCommerce. It’s a new landscape and new frontier that’s rapidly expanding, based on a growing public awareness and acceptance of online retail services. Like ordering a pizza, super-fast rush deliveries of products of all kinds from tomatoes to cakes to burgers and buns to chocolates are becoming more and more the norm.

No longer limited to ordering from the phone-book or flyers, customers are going online and clicking on same-day deliveries, buying traditional grocery items online and then simply waiting for their groceries to arrive at their door.

We fully expect this trend to accelerate as major players enter the scene along with niche markets of on-demand food products catch on to the trend – such as those in chocolates, home-made foods, snacks, and so on.

Even the traditional farmers market produce isn’t immune to the trend, there is a rising demand ordering-online fresh produce for everything from cucumbers and potatoes to cilantro and kale.

The Rise of One-Hour Produce Deliveries

Companies like Amazon are leading the charge here with services like Amazon Prime Now, which currently offers free 1-hour food delivery for select cities featuring a wide range of food and products from local brand name restaurants and grocery stores. Even fresh baked organic pastries are available, including free 2-hour deliveries from New Seasons Market Organic Bakery in Portland Oregon.

Even in Vancouver Canada, to-your-door deliveries are quickly becoming part of our everyday marketplace. Even without the aid of Amazon, major grocery chains such as Wholefoods are now offering 1 hour deliveries in Vancouver BC. Finally, you can order your organic kale and other produce at 5:00pm and have it arrive in time for your regular 6:00pm dinner preparations. Pretty amazing.

After dinner, one can even pick up the phone and order fresh-baked cookies for a nice treat — just check out Cookies Of Course for a local Vancouver example.

Florists are another niche example who have actually a head start in this domain selling flowers online and are now moving into new markets while they have the lead. One such Vancouver florist is now offering same day birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cookies directly — check out Flowers on 1st for that example.

How We Can Help

With same-day delivery of produce and groceries becoming a new reality, the new domain of eCommerce offers opportunities for traditional retail stores like farmers, fresh produce markets, and others to free themselves of the narrow constraints of retail locations and outlets.

Having the ideal store front location or outlet isn’t the only real estate opportunity that matters anymore (which is great considering the real-estate market in Vancouver these days).

The question is how you take your farm or store-front onto the internet and who you partner with. Finding a reliable, high quality, and affordable fruits and produce box supplier is a critical part of your supply chain concerns — which is where our team at RacerBoxes comes in.

We service customers across Western Canada; and, unlike the various types of box distributors, we make all of the boxes we sell in our Richmond BC box manufacturing and printing facility. There is no middle man. This allows us to set more affordable prices and provide better customer service without cutting any corners. We offer affordable prices on wholesale produce boxes, allowing you to design the right look and quality of box according to your branding and business needs.

In fact, working with us means you are able to specify your own grocery delivery box design directly with our team — from designing the die-cut folding patterns, to the cardboard colour, weight, strength and texture, you get amazing service throughout. And we ship your custom boxes directly to you from our facility. We even offer weekly and monthly delivery options to better meet your needs and storage constraints!

Related eCommerce Topics

In the following series of posts we will look at other key eCommerce marketplaces and important marketing strategies behind using custom mailers and custom shipping boxes within those areas. Our featured topics include:

Ordering from Racer Boxes in Vancouver, B.C.

Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing manufactures and sells all of our boxes locally in-house, in Richmond B.C., Canada. We lead by making your orders affordable and flexible. Get exactly the right kind of shipping boxes you need, along with custom printing, tailored for your business.

To learn more about ordering custom shipping boxes and our box printing services, contact us today at (604) 270 – 8205!

Wholesale Die-Cut Box Sales & Deliveries to Alberta & Western Canada

Die-Cut Box Sales & Deliveries to Alberta & Western Canada

Folks around Edmonton and Calgary may not have heard of Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing as we get the bulk of our orders from within B.C., but we want to reach out to the Prairies because we’re not just a Vancouver B.C company, we’re a Western Canada cardboard box manufacturer, servicing our neighbors across western Canada.

That’s right, we’re proud to be selling and shipping our high quality, affordably priced wholesale cardboard boxes across Western Canada to our friends in Alberta.

So if you’re in Alberta and need die-cut cardboard boxes shipped directly to you wholesale, just give your Racer Boxes a call.

Our Cardboard Box Services with Shipping to Alberta

From custom corrugated cardboard boxes to plain old stock cartons, we make them and sell them directly from our plant in Richmond BC. Some of our key products include:

Stock Cartons Custom Boxes Box Printing
Small Die Cut Boxes Food Boxes Produce Boxes
Delivery Boxes Bakers Boxes Agricultural Boxes
Small Die Cut Mailers

Why Choose Racer Boxes

Racer Boxes is a proud Western Canadian company and an industry leader in our quality of service and flexibility. We produce the among highest quality cardboard boxes as well as box printing services. And we have die cut custom options for many needs.

Contact Racer Boxes in Western Canada

Whether you’re in British Columbia or in Alberta, get in touch with us today at Racer Boxes Cardboard Boxes Manufacturer to see how we can help you and your business get ahead.

Contact us today at (604) 270 – 8205 for your wholesale cardboard box sales and services in B.C, Alberta, and across Western Canada!


The SubCom Model, Old & New

We sell a lot of wholesale custom mailers to businesses across the Vancouver lower-mainland, so the subscription model isn’t new to us. And for those of us old enough to remember Columbia House Record Club, the subscription business model doesn’t seem like a new model or a new innovation. But it actually has become a new phenomenon — known as “sub-com.” The term subcom comes from the pairing of the subscription model with eCommerce and this paring has transformed the subscription model into an disruptive marketing strategy that’s shaking up the retail space.

Take BarkBox for instance. Their subscribers grew from 1,500 to 55,000 in just one year with over 95% retention. While 55,000 may not sound huge in total numbers, one has to consider that most customers are loyal monthly customers signing up for 6-12 months of service. That gives a startup a lot of financial stability! For big numbers, take Birchbox, which gained over a million subscribers within its first five years! It’s that kind of growth that can only happen by leveraging the power of modern day eCommerce technology.

How to start in SubCom, Designing Custom Die-Cut Mailers

ECommerce technology has made the subscription model an extremely easy space to get into. Canadian consumers are already online and shopping; and with streamlined online services such as Cratejoy, it’s easier than ever to get up and running in the SubCom space.

What makes the SubCom model standout in our view is it’s embedded marketing strategy, you can’t separate the product from the marketing and branding. Even if your box is packed with other branded products (which is common), it creates a gestalt — where the sum of the whole is greater than its parts. This means that when your customers receive your box, all of the products in the box are part of your product. The parts included are psychologically wrapped up as a part of your brand.

Branded Packaging

The Gestalt effect is what makes creating a branded packaging experience such an important part of the subscription box marketing strategy. When it comes to ordering custom mailers and boxes for your SubCom, everything from the outside to the inside of your mailer needs to be thought out and customized. Not unlike gift-wrapping, the idea behind creating a branded packaging experience is to make the subscription box itself part of the experience — part of the product. But unlike gift-wrapping, even the inside of your box is an important part of the branding strategy.

How the Box UnfoldsCustom Die-Cut Mailers

When ordering custom die cut mailers, you should consider exactly how you want your customer to unbox and experience your packaging. Which ways should the box unfold? Do you have something printed on the inside flap? How many steps are involved in the unboxing?

Racer Boxes, Custom Mailers in Vancouver

If you are looking for custom mailers for use as subscription boxes, give us a call at Racer Boxes in Vancouver BC at (604) 270 – 8205 . We manufacture die-cut mailers and sell wholesale from Richmond BC and across the greater Vancouver area.

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Let’s assume your products come to you pre-packaged in poly-bags from the manufacture, and let’s further assume Amazon always re-boxes your items in Amazon’s own shipping boxes. Is it worth it for you to use your own custom printed branded box? That’s the question we are going to tackle here — using custom printed boxes vs poly bag — and our questions revolve around the effectiveness of branding and marketing on shipping bags vs shipping boxes. Is any of it worth the expense and why?

This is a question that comes up from time to time and budding e-commerce sellers along some of the more seasoned business veterans. It can be difficult to track and evaluate marketing expenses especially when it comes to printed materials. While in-house A-B testing can help us evaluate marketing strategies, testing one’s branding  is a different story. Branding involves a much larger process of interrelated parts — from where your products are made, to customer service, to packaging, to your products themselves, it all comes together to form your brand.

In the end this is a question of whether creating a “branded packaging experience” and is worth the effort and expense.  This is a question we’ve looked at in some detail in previous posts and we think there’s a very strong case for creating a “branded experience.” In our last post we covered the question: Why Market to Existing Customers, which includes statistics and studies published in the Harvard Business Review (that’s a post worth reading if you’re looking hard at the value using of custom boxes, strictly in terms of return on investment).

In the last post we looked at metrics such as customer retention where “increasing customer retention by 5% increased profits by 25% to 95%.” In this post we are going to look at how branding your shipping boxes can affect your digital marketing strategy.

How can my shipping boxes affect my digital strategy?

The relationship between the cardboard box and the internet becomes more clear when you consider that for most Amazon sellers, customers will only directly experience your physical presence through your shipping boxes and your products. They won’t see your store, they won’t meet any sales staff. Their first impression of you is either going to be from plastic bag a corrugated cardboard box.

Let’s consider Amazon the process of Amazon reviews for instance. Amazon frequently asks customers to rate their experience with sellers; let’s say a customer gains confidence in your business through a seamless shipping and packaging experience and enjoys your product as well. When they are rating you as the seller, they might not think of your box in particular, but it will mostly likely influence their perception of you.

Brand Strategy & The Edge of Chaos

While the difference between plastic or cardboard may seem trivial, it’s important to remember that when it comes to complex systems like a company’s brand or identity, the smallest changes can have large, far-reaching consequences. For example, something as simple as the colour of your box and print can have a dramatic unintended influence; let’s say it matches the colours of a popular political party in your customer’s country, or it’s a lucky colour in their culture, or something else that you may have never considered. The idea here is using symbolic references and associations to help your brand form a positive feedback loop. Sometimes it only takes a few good reviews in the right place and time for a brand strategy to emerge and become self-reinforcing.

One Sure Thing

This is why the branded packaging experience even for cardboard shipping boxes is so important: it’s one of the only marketing tools in your kit that you know for sure will be directly in your customer’s hands. While a plastic poly bag may be cheaper at the outset, the cost of poly vs custom printed boxes has to be weighed in respect to your overall marketing strategy.

Buying Wholesale Shipping Boxes Direct

If you are considering getting custom printed shipping boxes for your eCommerce business, it often helps to find a wholesale box manufacture that’s in your region and buy direct. If you have any questions on pricing and which services we can provide your business, give Racer Boxes in Vancouver B.C. a call at (604) 270 – 8205 .

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