As a Vancouver box company, everyone at Racer Boxes knows that cardboard is undisputedly the superhero of the packaging world. However, it does have its own kryptonite, namely water. Corrugated cardboard can become a soggy mess when exposed to the rain. And unfortunately, there are sometimes situations where this is simply unavoidable.

To help people protect their merchandise, different companies have come up with various box sprays and sealants to combat the issue. However, the best that can really be achieved is water resistance, which may or may not be helpful depending on the circumstances.

In the past, businesses have implemented a number of ideas for protecting merchandise from the rain. For example, laminating the outside with a thin plastic film is a possible solution. Weight-wise plastic isn’t much of a problem. However, there’s always the possibility of a tear or puncture. Other solutions have included painting cardboard with waterproof paints, which offers the benefit of customizing colours. Some people have even tried using wallpaper which is another creative but labour-intensive alternative.

A more practical solution may be a clear epoxy spray, which is fast and easy to apply. Just remember, if anything punctures the box, water will still be able to find a way in. So as innovative as these ideas are, the results are still uncertain. Moreover, if you’re dealing with mass deliveries, the challenge of scale has to be considered. How much time will all these extra steps add to your process? For once, it seems the best solution is thinking inside the box.

Ultimately, for when rain could be an issue, the team at Racer Boxes recommends wrapping goods in good old-fashioned plastic or using a durable waterproof mailer, which can be packed and insulated inside a box. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Getting goods to their destination in pristine condition is always your priority, and this means relying on proven methods—even if they’re a bit old-fashioned.

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