Cardboard Boxes, Strong Enough for a Crash Landing

Corrugated cardboard boxes have claimed to be strong and durable materials for any delivery or packaging challenge. What is the definition of strong and durable when it comes to corrugated cardboard boxes?cardboard box crash landing

Falling 2400 feet from a plane, landing on boxes

In 2012, British stuntman Gary Connery jumped 2400 feet from a plane and landed on a pile of cardboard boxes. Connery, who has professionally stunted in films including James Bond, Indiana Jones and Batman, flew with a wingsuit but no parachute out of a helicopter into a narrow landing strip made only of cardboard boxes. He emerged from the pile of boxes unharmed and in one original piece.

A half pound of paper made into a cardboard box for a pair of shoes will withstand a 1000 pound load. No other material can do the same thing at the same cost.

The strength of cardboard comes from the I-beams and trusses. An I-beam has a top-plate, a bottom plate and a stringer in between. This simple structure offers a great deal of strength especially when weight is added to the top, i.e. added compression.

Learn more about the amazing properties of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Vancouver’s Custom Cardboard Box Supplier

Racer Boxes is a local Vancouver box manufacturing company that’s happy to cater to your unique needs with custom die cut cardboard shapes, sizes, designs, and other custom services.

Call us at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality delivery cardboard boxes – made any way you like!

 Cardboard stock cartons Vancouver

“Transmogrifing” Cardboard for Creative Ideas

The plain brown exterior of a standard cardboard boxes (or stock cartons) is often misunderstood as a boring object. A cardboard box is at best valued for its purpose and function, which is obviously a superior choice for delivery or packaging needs. However, we often neglect the simple potential of a cardboard box as a creative stimulant. The plain brown exterior of a regular cardboard box can otherwise be considered as a blank slate for incredible creative opportunity.


There is a popular joke that when you buy a child an expensive toy they will soon become bored with the toy and become more amused with the cardboard box packaging in which it came in than the toy itself. Famous cartoon Calvin and Hobbes presents a classic example of the transformation of a cardboard box into something more than just a cardboard box. In the cartoon, the child character, Calvin, invents a device called the “Transmogrifier” that has the ability to transform objects into any other object of choice. The “Transmogrifier” is build by flipping a cardboard box upside down. Dials are drawn on the outside of the box to determine what will become of whatever or whoever is inside. Of course, the “Transmogrifier” is not a real working invention, rather the representation of boundless childhood imagination. The creativity in conceptualizing a simple object like a cardboard box into something so innovative is something we adults could use more of.

Creativity & Cardboard

Although cardboard is a great material that offers durability fit for safe handling and transporting goods, cardboard is not just a simple object. Consider the endless creative possibilities of cardboard; think outside the box. For some inspiration, see our post on 10 Ways to Make Use of Old Cardboard Boxes.

Vancouver’s Custom Cardboard Box Supplier

We’re not your regular cardboard box company. Racer Boxes is a local Vancouver box manufacturing company that will cater to unique business needs by offering custom box shapes, sizes, designs, and other custom services.

For custom boxes made for your Vancouver business, consider Racer Boxes. Call us at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality delivery cardboard boxes – made any way you like!

Delivery Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Why Vancouver Companies Choose Racer Boxes

Racer Boxes offers flexibility to customers with low, mid to high volume requirements and yet maintains affordable pricing and superior qualities that sets us apart from other competitors. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Racer Boxes for wholesale box supply:

  1. Buy bulk or prearrange weekly deliveries

We offer both bulk sales for our cardboard boxes, as well as prearranged weekly deliveries. A recent study found that prearranged weekly deliveries could save both space and monthly costs of over $1000.

  1. Box Manufacturer & Box Printer

It’s likely that you’ll need to get your branding printed onto your cardboard boxes, as well. Save time (and money) by choosing a supplier who can do both jobs at the same time. We offer high quality printing services perfect for packing, labeling, branding, displays, gift boxes, and more.

  1. Made in Vancouver Canada

We’re a passionate team that has grown steadily since 1991. Locally based and sustainably manufactured, work with a cardboard box supplier that offers exceptional customer service and are true experts in what we do.

We’re located in Richmond, BC. Call us at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality cardboard boxes.

Need Unique Boxes?

We’re more than just a regular box company.

Corrugated cardboard is a great material to consider for your boxing needs because it is both lightweight and durable. Rather than settling for just a regular box though, think about what would suit your product best.

Custom Shape & Size

Whether it’s food or industrial lighting fixtures, when deciding what corrugated cardboard box you will go with for your business, it’s worth considering its shape and size. Most box manufacturing companies in the Vancouver Area will only offer a standard set of shapes and sizes; however, Racer Boxes is a local Vancouver box manufacturing company that will cater to your individual business needs by offering custom box shapes, sizes, designs, and other custom services.

Custom Printing

Racer Boxes also offers custom box printing services to go with your unique box shape and size. We’re able to print packaging, labeling, branding, displays, gift boxes, and more.

Your Vancouver Wholesale Cardboard Box Supplier

We’re not your regular cardboard box company. Consider Racer Boxes for your Vancouver wholesale cardboard box supplier. Call us at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality delivery cardboard boxes!

Re-using Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes (or stock cartons) are great for packing and storing goods. Most of the time though, they are only used once! With still ample life in your cardboard boxes before they head to the recycling bin, consider these 10 things you can do with your cardboard boxes:

 10 Ways to Make Use of Old Cardboard Boxes

  1. A small cutout of cardboard can act as a sturdy writing surface or makeshift clipboard. Its surface is also easy to write on as a substitute for paper
  2. You can also use cardboard to protect from the sun, or alternatively use it to increase your sun exposure by making a tin foil wrapped sun tanning shield
  3. Particularly corrugated cardboard boxes can be extra handy shelter, and used as a temporary umbrella for rain
  4. Second-hand cardboard is also useful for sorting or storage, for example, for produce or office supplies
  5. And in the winter as a sled in snow. Cardboard is also great as a sled on grass or down stairs
  6. They are also great material to keep around for school science projects
  7. Creative kids can use cardboard boxes to make dollhouses, spaceships, racecars, forts, robots, and you name it
  8. Cardboard is great for the pets! Use it as pet bedding or as a litter box for the cat
  9. Use your old cardboard box as protection when moving appliances or as a mat for working under the car, which will also work well to catch oil
  10. Cardboard is also a great heat protectant for hot items or as a drink coaster

Ordering New Wholesale Boxes in Vancouver

With these useful secondhand ideas in mind, corrugated cardboard is certainly a good investment that can last beyond one use. For wholesale cardboard box inquires and custom box orders, contact Racer Boxes at 604-270-8205 or online here.

Pros & Cons Of  Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Packing & Moving

Corrugated cardboard boxes have become the popular choice when it comes to packing and storing goods. There are many benefits of using corrugated cardboard boxes; below is a comprehensive list of why choosing a corrugated cardboard box over another style of box is the best choice for moving or shipping.

Benefits Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

  • Light: Cardboard corrugated boxes are light weight, therefore more convenient for handling
  • Affordable: They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other box alternatives due to the raw materials used to make the product
  • Box Printing: For companies looking to increase their marketing, they are great for the ease of printing directly onto the box during production.
  • Labeling: Cardboard corrugated boxes are also easy to write on after production
  • Customizable: Cardboard corrugated boxes are available in custom shapes, sizes, designs and can even be dyed to colour, meeting the demands of the particular need
  • When done, cardboard corrugated boxes can be recycled completely making them an eco-friendly product choice

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to consider, as well.

Drawbacks Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

  • They are not as durable as boxes made from materials such as plastic or wood. Especially for heavy items or for use under extreme pressure, cardboard corrugated boxes may not be the ideal choice to withstand the pressure
  • They are generally used for shorter-term purpose, as such they are not ideally a long-term investment that can be used over and over again

Best Wholesale Supplier of Boxes in Vancouver

If cardboard corrugated boxes is the choice for you, then contact Racer Boxes located next to Vancouver in Richmond, BC for affordable, high quality, wholesale boxes!

Vancouver Wholesale Box Deliveries | Canada

Save Storage Space: Boxes Delivered Weekly

Some food distributors and manufacturers can save valuable warehouse space and reduce fixed overhead expenses by converting from buying boxes in bulk to weekly box deliveries, as our recent case study demonstrates.

Buying Bulk vs Prearranged Weekly Deliveries

This study comes from the help of one of Racer Boxes customers who recently switched to using our weekly box delivery service in order to cut costs and save on space.

The findings show that while buying boxes in bulk provides a bulk discount to the initial price, the increased cost of storing bulk orders of boxes can in some cases outweigh the savings. In this case study, the manufacturer’s dedicated inventory space for boxes added up to a monthly loss of $1,120 so at the end of the month he was coming out at a loss.

Weekly deliveries of his boxes were effectively a bigger discount than buying bulk box orders.

Contact Racer Boxes in Vancouver Canada

See if receiving weekly deliveries works for you, contact Racer Boxes – a Vancouver Boxes and Packaging Manufacturer at (604) 270 – 8205. Through a reduction in box inventory, you may even be able to convert your inventory square footage into revenue generating space.

Saving on Wholesale Boxes: China vs Vancouver Canada

We recently wrote a case study featuring Munching and Crunching, a seafood distributor in Vancouver Canada. In this case, their seafood products were packed and shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes made by a local box manufacturer. In an effort to lower the cost of their wholesale box orders, they decided to try out a chinese box manufacturer. But did they end up saving money and was there a better option?

Importing Boxes: Risk vs BenefitsPacking Cartons Vancouver BC Canada

In this case, the Chinese box manufacturer required 30% in advance before they would build their boxes and then full payment before shipment of the completed boxes. After shipping, the total savings worked out to a little under 2% on their seafood packing boxes expenses.

Expensive Lesson

The trouble for Munching and Crunching turned out two fold: (1) the logo was incorrectly printed: it read “Punching and Crunching.” And (2), the quality of the boxes was inferior: as soon as their stackable boxes were stacked 4 high, the bottom boxes would crumple and become unusable.

Better Way to Save on Vancouver Wholesale Boxes

In the end, Munching and Crunching discovered Racer Boxes — a local Vancouver Boxes and Packaging Manufacturer — and successfully reduced their costs without skimping on the box manufacturing and printing standards. Racer Boxes even created a print plate that can be repeatedly used on their future box orders.

Before ordering your boxes wholesale from China, check out your other local box and packaging manufacturer options.

Call Racer Boxes at (604) 270 – 8205 and ask for a quote.


Custom Boxes Vancouver

We are a local printing and box manufacturing company based in Vancouver, B.C. We are known for our exceptional customer service, on time delivery and dedication towards our customers. Our featured product is our standard stock cartons, which are high quality corrugated boxes manufactured with high-precision machinery at our factory in Vancouver. Although we specialize in manufacturing our standard corrugated boxes, we also offer additional services to meet the needs our valued customers. We offer the possibility to customize the shape and sizes of your boxes upon request*.

We also offer custom printing services, a great addition to the branding of your company — whatever it may be.

We have the privilege of supplying wholesale boxes to dozens of companies in the Lower Mainland. From stock cartons to custom display boxes, call Racer Boxes at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality wholesale boxes!

*minimum quantities required

Keep Flowers Fresh with Cardboard Pot Holders

Our specially designed potted plants display holder is ideal for the potted plant. Our locally manufactured cardboard boxes in Vancouver are designed to keep your pots Potted Flowers Tray Vancouver Cardboard Pot Holdersstanding upright during transportation, thus minimizing soil spill and the inevitable plant decay. We carry various sizes of packing boxes for your flower needs, so give us a call or contact us online for an estimate.

Cardboard Floral Trays

At Racer Boxes, we also manufacture cardboard floral trays, an alternative to our potted plants display holder. Our cardboard floral trays are built to hold anything from potted plants to floral bouquets. They are ideal for any florist shop to send home with your costumers. For wholesale inquires, please contact us for an estimate on your order.

Don’t let a beautiful thing go bad; keep flowers fresh with packing boxes!

How to Order Your Boxes from our Richmond BC Plant

From stock cartons to custom display boxes, call Racer Boxes at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality wholesale boxes!

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