4 Ways to Think “Inside” The Box for Home Decoration

Sorting things around the house can be a difficult task, especially because there are a lot of things that need to be stored properly, coupled with a general lack of space. Here are 4 extraordinary ways to make your house beautiful by thinking “inside” the box:

1 ) The Cardboard Shoe Closet

If you’re a shoe collector, you must have faced the dire tragedy of not having enough room to display your footwear properly. Closets often have limited shoe space, making it very difficult to store shoes and sandals in the appropriate way.

One excellent solution is to keep the shoe inside the shoe box and stack all the shoe boxes on top of each other in your closet. In this way, you can neatly amass a larger number of shoe pairs without creating a mess. What’s better is that you can label each box with the description of the shoe inside it. This makes it easy to pick out the pair you would like to wear.

2) Cardboard Make-up DisplayDisplay Tray Boxes

Where the half-used lip gloss you bought last season go missing is still one of the biggest mysteries confronting mankind. To avoid any such unfortunate losses, stock all your favorite make-up in display boxes that are segregated into smaller compartments. Racer Boxes in Vancouver BC has display boxes and counter trays that can do the job. You can keep eye make-up in one segment and lip glosses in the other and so on. You can neatly place these boxes on top of your dressing table or inside drawers. The same solution applies for jewelry and miniature accessories, such as rings, necklaces, earrings and hair accessories.

3) Cardboard DVD Insert OrganizersInsert Organizer boxes

Many people who like to collect DVD’s, video games or music CD’s often face the trouble of empty covers and wobbly piles of unrecognizable discs disseminated around their room. To sort them out neatly, all you need are Racer Boxes’ insert organizers. These are boxes that work like small drawers. You have a body set that can slide in and out of a sleeve, much like a matchbox. By organizing your DVD’s in the insert organizer, you can avoid the mess around your room and finally arrange your discs according to genre or in chronological order.

4) Cardboard Book Boxes

College students and book worms would know the pain of not having enough bookshelf space in your room. While building shelves can be time consuming and expensive, a cheaper alternative is to have boxes containing all your favorite books and notebooks. You can label these boxes and stack them in one corner of your room. For a better aesthetic appeal, you can decorate the boxes with wrapping paper, paint or stickers.

How To Buy Bulk Cardboard From Racer Boxes in Richmond BC

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What Makes a Good Delivery Box?

Delivery boxes come in all shapes and sizes (literally) but you have to choose the one that’s Wholesale Delivery Boxes with Handle Vancouver perfect for your needs. Nowadays, delivery boxes are made up of a variety of different materials, providing you with a much wider choice. However, as the variety increases, customers often find themselves in great confusion. Here is a simplified guideline to help you determine what makes a good delivery box:

  1. Weight to Volume Ratio

While we all want spacious boxes, it should be noted that with the increase in size, boxes also become heavier. This makes handling and transportation costly. But using too many small boxes can come out to be very expensive. As a result, you need to make sure that your delivery box offers the optimum weight to volume ratio. This means that it should be roomy enough to hold everything without being too heavy.

  1. Environment Friendly

If you’re a responsible citizen, you will probably care about the environment. Good delivery boxes should be environment friendly. Racer Boxes’ cardboard boxes are greener than their plastic counterparts and can be recycled and reused. Since boxes are often used in bulk, it is important to choose a box that has been sourced responsibly.

  1. Strength & Robustness

A good box should also be strong enough to reduce the impact of rough handling so that the contents can be saved from damage, especially in the case of fragile goods or food products. In many cases, delivery boxes are stacked one on top of the other and have to undergo bumpy rides along long distances. The box that you choose must have shock-proof qualities and should protect from other damaging factors in the environment, such as humidity or heat.

  1. Value for Money

A good delivery box will give you great value for money. But being low on price and high on functionality, Racer Boxes corrugated cardboard boxes prove to highly cost-effective. They turn out to be cheap for the customer since they can be bought in bulk, which reduces the per-piece price of the boxes. Racer Boxes cardboard cartons can also be reused, thus reducing the cost even further.

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How to Get Creative Bakery Boxes at Wholesale Prices

Do you have a passion for baking or own a bakery? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you probably would have experienced the search for creative boxes for your baked goods. Here are some great tips to find creative bakery boxes at wholesale prices:

Pick the Right Size

You probably don’t want those cupcakes to bump against one another and ruin the frosting, nor would you want to over pack and squish them. In order to avoid such circumstances, you need to pick the right sized bakery box.

Make sure that it is tall enough to accommodate the items you’re going to put in them, without the lid touching the food and smudging it all over the place. The box should also be wide enough to hold the desired number of baked items.

Die Cut Bakery Boxes Wholesale Richmond and VancouverGo For the Flaps

Your customers may need to re-pack the box after consuming some of your delicious donuts. To make it easy for them to store the food in the box for a longer time, feel free to choose boxes with folding flaps. The flap-lid can be easily secured back in place, making the box simple to store in the refrigerator. What’s more, even if the box falls, there is a great chance that the items will not spill on the floor. Racer Boxes has corrugated boxes that provide their contents with added safety in order to avoid breakages during such accidents.

Custom Printing Does the Trick

Like any business, your bakery needs to have its own brand identity to generate customer recall. Good news! With Racer Boxes’ high quality custom printing, you can brand your bakery boxes with your brand logo and slogan. Having images on the box would not only make it interesting, but would also help create a positive brand image for your bakery.

How To Order Your Wholesale Baker Boxes

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How to Choose the Right Garment Box

Are you wondering how to pack and deliver your garments in the best possible way? Look no further because we have just the right thing for you! Using handpicked advice from the pros in the textile industry, we have compiled some great tips for you to choose the best garment box for your needs.

Easy To Assemble

If you are delivering garments in bulk, chances are you will need to hire a transporter or truck. Choosing boxes that are easy to assemble can come across as a great advantage when you are paying for space. Using rectangular cardboard cartons is always the safest because these can be stacked one on top of the other, using up lesser space and significantly reducing your transportation costs. In contrast, using bags or soft packaging would make assembly extremely difficult.

Die Cut Boxes with Handles

Die Cut Boxes with HandlesWhether you work in a factory or in a clothing outlet, your garment boxes will need to be moved here and there every now and then. Make sure the garment boxes you choose are designed in such a way that they can be carried with ease. Using very tall boxes can make it hard to transport them manually. Racer Boxes offers cardboard boxes for garments that have handles, making it nearly effortless to pick them up and move them around.

Display-Friendly Designs

Many a time, garment boxes need to be put on display in outlets. In such a case, the box that you have chosen must be display-friendly. Racer Boxes has two uniquely designed boxes that are perfect for frequent displays. Our Die-Cut Garment Display Tray is a one-piece self-locking carton which is open from the top and one side, while being walled from the remaining three sides. This makes display easy and appealing.

Our second great design is the Insert Organizer, which is a box consisting of a body set that can be inserted and drawn out of a sleeve set, much like a cardboard drawer. You can slide the box out, display the item and slide it back in.

How To Order Your BC Garment Boxes

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4 Top Reasons for Using Racer Boxes for Your Next Box Delivery

While there are many wholesale cardboard providers in Vancouver, Racer Boxes is a company that strives to stand apart from its competition. Here are the top 4 reasons how Racer Boxes is the best option for your next delivery job:

We Cater to All Order Sizes

Many large scale manufacturers of cardboard boxes, though great at what they do, do not cater to smaller orders. This may mean that your business will not be able to meet their minimum order requirements and your need will not be catered to. Other niche cardboard box providers may not be able to meet large quantity orders without facing a significant drop in quality. Racer Boxes, on the other hand, follows a flexible business model that enables us to meet demands of varying sizes, whether small, mid-sized or large.

Sturdy and Reliable

Racer Boxes diligently follows best practices of the industry and pays great emphasis on total quality management. This makes our boxes sturdy enough to give your goods the protection you want. Whether they have to transported over long distances on bumpy roads or have to be stacked on top of one another, our strong and reliable boxes will prevent collapse and make sure the products reach their destination in the optimum condition.

Temperature Management

For many perishable goods and delicate items, temperature management is highly essential. Racer Boxes equips its boxes with temperature management technology, such as venting holes and thick walls that enable the box to maintain the temperature of the contents at a desirable level. These venting holes are necessary for ventilation and temperature management.

How To Order From Racer Boxes in Richmond BC

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The Best Way to Store & Deliver Agricultural Produce

Like any agriculturist, you must have felt the dire need to package and deliver your produce in the best possible manner. Since most agricultural produce is perishable, it demands special care and attention. In order to make sure your produce reaches the consumer in the right condition, it is imperative that you pay attention to how you package and deliver it. Here are some excellent tips to help you:

Ease of Handling

One of the most important factors to consider while preparing your agricultural produce for sale is ease of handling. Putting large quantities of produce in bags or baskets gives them no protection during transport or in the case when these bags or baskets are stacked on top of each other. This can damage the contents and result in great losses.

The best way to ensure safe and easy handling is to use strong cardboard cartons, wooden crates or rigid plastic containers that would provide added support to your produce. Racer Boxes has some robust cardboard cartons with die cut holes that are available for small, mid-sized and large orders.

The Right Quantity of Contents

Apart from the kind of packaging, also consider the technique of packing your agricultural produce. Stuffing in too many items in your cardboard carton could result in compression bruising. Since organic produce is often very delicate, this could destroy its freshness.

On the other hand, filling your boxes too loosely could result in the produce vibrating against each other, also leading to bruising. This could have grave results for edible items since they have to look fresh and appetizing in order to sell at a good price.

Protection from the Environment

Storage environment is usually more humid and can damage agricultural products. This makes it necessary to have cartons that can block off this adverse environmental effect and maintain the original condition of your products.

How To Order Your BC Produce  Boxes

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Delivery Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Are you a Vancouver deliverer who needs to deliver items with care and style? Well, you’ve hit the right spot. Racer Boxes, one of the most reliable producers of cardboard boxes Vancouver, offers wholesale prices on a wide array of cardboard boxes. And great news, some of these designs are ideal for your delivery guy!

Cardboard Boxes: All Shapes and Sizes

Like any delivery business, you would want your delivery boxes to stand out and be recognized. Racer Boxes gives you the flexibility to choose from their endless variety of cardboard box shapes and sizes. In this way, if you’re delivering pizzas, you will be able to find flat and wide boxes, and if you want to deliver some fast food meals, there will be taller boxes for you, depending on your preferences.

Cardboard Boxes: Handles Attached

Many a time, the delivery guy or the end user needs to hold the delivery box upright in order to avoid the spilling of the contents of the box. One way is to prop the box against your chest while supporting it with your arms, and the other more suitable way of handling these boxes is to simply attach a handle at the top. Racer Boxes has several box designs with handles to suit your particular needs.

Insulated Boxes

Boxes with built-in insulation are the best suited for delivering items that need to reach their end users at the right temperature. If you are in the business of delivering hot food or cold ice-cream, you will find Racer Boxes’ insulated boxes very useful. These boxes are lined with Styrofoam, which traps air inside its pores, making heat conduction virtually negligible. Therefore, very little heat can travel into or out of the box, maintaining the desired temperature of the contents.

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 Vancouver Moving Boxes | Racer Boxes - Box Manufacturing and Printing

Hassle-Free Moving Tips

Moving is one of the biggest hassles you will ever come across in your life. Just thinking about the tedious process gives many people the shivers. However, moving is also highly overrated. Here are 3 excellent tips for making your moving experience as smooth as silk:

1. Box it Up

The primary step for arranging an effortless move is classification of your belongings. Put things in neatly labeled moving boxes. Start by making a mental note about the different kinds of items you own and then start arranging boxes with the respective labels on them. This will help you load and later unload easily.

For example, you may have boxes labeled “toys” or “kitchen crockery” on them. Remember to put fragile items, such as glass, china, ceramics or crystal, in safe and reliable cartons. Racer Boxes offers robust moving boxes that are suitable for careful handling of fragile items.

2. Buy Moving Boxes in Bulk

Since you will require a large number of cardboard cartons for your move, try to buy in bulk to avail better prices rather than buying in several small quantities.

There are many wholesale box companies in Vancouver, including Racer Boxes, which will provide you will a wide variety of boxes in all different sizes and shapes. Since Racer Boxes is a wholesale box manufacturer and vendor, you will be able to get a stellar price along with a high quality product.

3. Take it Easy  

Packing goods before the major move can take its toll on your body and your mind. You will need to do the sorting and packing of the items as well as communication with the transport guy.

Don’t try to spread yourself too thin. Get help from your friends and family and enjoy a lovely afternoon bonding over something productive. If that’s not possible, hire a team of professional movers who can handle your belongings with care and do all the hard work for you in a breeze.

How to Order Your Moving Boxes

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Racer Boxes is the Box Manufacturer Richmond BC

Why Racer Boxes is the Box Manufacturer For You

Why Racer Boxes is the Box Manufacturer For You

Packing goods and delivering them can be a tedious process for many vendors. In such a scenario, having a reliable packaging partner can be quite the blessing. Racer Boxes promises its partners to provide high quality cartons and even higher satisfaction. But how does it do it? Here are 4 great reasons why Racer Boxes is the one-stop Box Manufacturer for all of your boxes, packaging, and carton needs:

  1. Local Vancouver Canada Box Manufacturer 

Racer Boxes is a local company that was created in Vancouver, BC by two immigrants from Hong Kong. Since its roots are deeply trenched in Vancouver, BC, this company is here for good. Being a local company gives Racer Boxes many stakes in Vancouver, meaning that good service can take it places and bad service can ruin its image. As a result, you can build a long lasting business relationship with it and be completely worry-free.

  1. First Rate Customer Service

One of the things that Racer Boxes takes pride in is its stellar customer service. Whether you are a small customer or a large one, whether you are new or old, the company’s seamless customer care does not discriminate between customers and strives to provide the best support to everyone at all times. For Racer Boxes, happy customers equal repeat purchase, which turns the company’s wheels. Consequently, as a customer, you will be treated like a king at Racer Boxes.

  1. All Requirement Levels

Large international box manufacturers providing packaging and cartons require customers to give enormous minimum orders in order to be catered to. These companies often ignore the needs of the customers with smaller requirements. At Racer Boxes, customers with low and medium level requirements are also addressed and their needs are kept at high priority.

  1. Affordable, High Quality Boxes

With so many benefits being offered to customers by Racer Boxes, one would think the price they charge would be pretty high. Quite on the contrary, Racer Boxes competes on the stance that it is a highly affordable cartons and packaging vendor for businesses of all sizes. The company has the most reasonable prices in the industry and aims to be affordable to all customer segments.

How to Order Your Boxes

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Innovative Cardboard Boxes Made in Richmond BC

Are you delivering items in shipping boxes to far off locations? Or, are you moving to a new home with all your fragile belongings in moving boxes? Whether it is these situations or any other cardboard packaging needs, you definitely want boxes that are safe, durable and reliable.

While most vendors of cardboard boxes promise these qualities, Racer Boxes actually stands out from the rest? Here are two innovative designs by Racer Boxes in Richmond BC that makes us stand out from the rest

Convenient Fruits and Vegetables Boxes

Fruit Tray Richmond BC Boxes WholesaleProperly designed agricultural boxes are critical. Fruits and vegetables that need to
be transported over long distances need to be fresh and crisp when they’re delivered. Nobody wants to eat soggy and wilted food. As a result, the box that you use to store and deliver your eatables plays a huge role in determining their state when it reaches the customer. Racer Boxes provides fruits and vegetable cartons with die cut holes in order to ensure a steady ventilation to keep the contents fresh. We also provide box printing to ensure your produce boxes are looking great too.

Packaging Cartons With Display Windows

What happens when you need display cartons that has to show its contents? If that is the case for your products, then typical cardboard cartons would not be ideal.

Racer BoxesCardboard Potted Trays wholesale Vancouver BC introduces yet another exciting package: the potted plants display holder. This carton can securely hold potted plants without suffocating them. While the pot is secured in place inside the carton, the plant itself is out for display. The potted plants display holder is not only great for delivering such plants; it also works as a beautiful window or table decoration for all those plant lovers.

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