The New Horizon of eCommerce for Local Vancouver Farms & Markets

Greater Vancouver has a thriving fresh produce industry, from large chains to innovative boutique shops and folksy farmer’s markets, Vancouverites of all stripes get to enjoy some of the best local produce options available in Canada.

One thing that all retail grocers today have in common is the quickly rising new horizon of eCommerce. It’s a new landscape and new frontier that’s rapidly expanding, based on a growing public awareness and acceptance of online retail services. Like ordering a pizza, super-fast rush deliveries of products of all kinds from tomatoes to cakes to burgers and buns to chocolates are becoming more and more the norm.

No longer limited to ordering from the phone-book or flyers, customers are going online and clicking on same-day deliveries, buying traditional grocery items online and then simply waiting for their groceries to arrive at their door.

We fully expect this trend to accelerate as major players enter the scene along with niche markets of on-demand food products catch on to the trend – such as those in chocolates, home-made foods, snacks, and so on.

Even the traditional farmers market produce isn’t immune to the trend, there is a rising demand ordering-online fresh produce for everything from cucumbers and potatoes to cilantro and kale.

The Rise of One-Hour Produce Deliveries

Companies like Amazon are leading the charge here with services like Amazon Prime Now, which currently offers free 1-hour food delivery for select cities featuring a wide range of food and products from local brand name restaurants and grocery stores. Even fresh baked organic pastries are available, including free 2-hour deliveries from New Seasons Market Organic Bakery in Portland Oregon.

Even in Vancouver Canada, to-your-door deliveries are quickly becoming part of our everyday marketplace. Even without the aid of Amazon, major grocery chains such as Wholefoods are now offering 1 hour deliveries in Vancouver BC. Finally, you can order your organic kale and other produce at 5:00pm and have it arrive in time for your regular 6:00pm dinner preparations. Pretty amazing.

After dinner, one can even pick up the phone and order fresh-baked cookies for a nice treat — just check out Cookies Of Course for a local Vancouver example.

Florists are another niche example who have actually a head start in this domain selling flowers online and are now moving into new markets while they have the lead. One such Vancouver florist is now offering same day birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cookies directly — check out Flowers on 1st for that example.

How We Can Help

With same-day delivery of produce and groceries becoming a new reality, the new domain of eCommerce offers opportunities for traditional retail stores like farmers, fresh produce markets, and others to free themselves of the narrow constraints of retail locations and outlets.

Having the ideal store front location or outlet isn’t the only real estate opportunity that matters anymore (which is great considering the real-estate market in Vancouver these days).

The question is how you take your farm or store-front onto the internet and who you partner with. Finding a reliable, high quality, and affordable fruits and produce box supplier is a critical part of your supply chain concerns — which is where our team at RacerBoxes comes in.

We service customers across Western Canada; and, unlike the various types of box distributors, we make all of the boxes we sell in our Richmond BC box manufacturing and printing facility. There is no middle man. This allows us to set more affordable prices and provide better customer service without cutting any corners. We offer affordable prices on wholesale produce boxes, allowing you to design the right look and quality of box according to your branding and business needs.

In fact, working with us means you are able to specify your own grocery delivery box design directly with our team — from designing the die-cut folding patterns, to the cardboard colour, weight, strength and texture, you get amazing service throughout. And we ship your custom boxes directly to you from our facility. We even offer weekly and monthly delivery options to better meet your needs and storage constraints!

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